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ee inj 5 ce ee ars or dioatross a hook. 
- Eveyina | ° atue ing to a law, town, city or other pub- | 
| lic librar p 1ed by a fine of not less than five, nor 
more than fifty dollars, or by imprisonment in the jail, not ex- 
| ceeding six months. 
eS ES 
This book can be kept ‘Ewo Weeks. When returned to be| 
handed to the Librarian. Books to be retaken must be returned | 
to the Library. 
| FINES for retaining beyond the allowed period, one cent a | 
| day. For injury or loss the actual damage sustained. 

a 2 
Sie eters 


(Reported ihr the Biandasd,] 

| Disirict Court of the United States, March, 1857, 
. In Admiralty. 
Lovrien vs, THOMPSON, 
: Desertion of a minor works no forfeiture, as against the 
| - parent's claim for the value of his services—Rule of 
| damages— Mode of ascertaining the amount of his lay 
| —Dffect of usage upon the shippir tract 

Uffect of usage upon the shipping contract, 

Sprague J.—This is a libel by a father for the ser. 

| vices of his minor son ina whaling voyage. The son 
was born in New Hampshire in the year 1834. 
| Without the knowledge or consent of his father; he 
| left his home in New Hampshire, went to Vermont 
and Maine, where he remained a considerable 
| time, and thence to Boston. In this city he soon 
| found himself in a shipping office, where he was 
induced to engage in the whaling service. He 
was then nineteen years of age, and so stated to 
the shipping master who told him that that would 
not do, that he must be twenty-one; he then said 
he guessed he was twenty-one, which, without fur- 
ther enquiry, was deemed satisfactory, and a con- 
tract was made with him. He was carried to New 
Bedford and there engaged for a whaling voyage 
on board the Respondent’s ship, and signed articles 
at a lay of one one-hundred and ninetieth. He 
proceeded on the voyage round Cape Horn to the 
Pacific and Arctic Oceans, where the ship was 
nearly filled with sperm and whale oil. On her 
homeward voyage she stopped at the Sandwich Is]- 
ands, where the son deserted being still a minor. 
The ship they returned without him to New Bed- 
ford, and the whole proceeds of the voyage were 
delivered to the Respondent. 

The desertion is now relied upon as a de- 
fence to this Libel, and itis insisted by the Res- 
pondent that allright to any share or compensa- 
tion was thereby forfeited. But even in case of : 
a seaman of full age, a desertion merely under the 
general maritime law, does not necessarily work a 
forfeiture of all antecedent earnings ; it is a mat- 
ter within the discretion of the Court. As against, \ 
the claim of the Libellant, a desertion even, under 
| the statute, is mo defence. The son was a minor 
| both when he formed and when he dissolved his 
connection with this ship. 

It is not shown that the desertion occasioned any 
loss or inconvenience to the Respondent, nor is any 
tobe presumed. The ship was only to be navi- 
gated home, which requires a less number of hands 
than the taking of whales. This young man|} 
rendered faithful and valuable services to the 
Respondent for the term of fourteen months. His 
time and labor belonged to his father, who now 
claims compensation therefor. And it is no 
answer to say that the son refused to perform fur- 
ther service. The claim is as well founded in law 
as it is in justice. 

The next question is what shall be the amount 
'| of compensation to the Libellant? the only means. 
furnished by the evidence of determining what 
that shall be is the lay stipulated for in the arti- 
cles, that is not necessarily the rule of damages in 
cases like the present, and the parties might have 
introduced other evidence and the Court might 
have acopted a different basis of calculation. But 
as this case has been presented to me, I shall give 
to the Libellant the stipulated share of the pro- 
ceeds, making up the voyage in the same manner 
.| a8 in case of a seaman of full age who has been 
justifiably separated from the ship before the 
termination of the voyage. By the articles, if this 
young man had performed the whole voyage, he 
would have been entitled to one one-hundred and 
ninetieth of the proceeds. The Libellantis to have 
such proportion of that one hundred and ninetieth f 
as the time of service bore to the whole time of | ' 
the voyage. ! 
In the accounts presented by the Respondent, 
several items have been objected to, the first is the 
charge of commissions for disposing of the oil and 
>| bone, and settling the voyage. The obligation to 
do this is assumed by the owner in the ninth arti- 
cle of the shipping articles, it is a part of his con- 
tract, and he hag no more right to make a charge 
against the seaman for performing the contract 
than"tbe latter has to make a charge against the 
owner for performiog the duty of a seaman. The 
ship’s husband may charge his co-owners a com- 
pensation by commission or otherwise, but that is 
no concern of the seaman. s 
The next is a charge of ten dollars for prepar- 
ing the vessel fur sea, this is founded upon the!’ 
sunpositicn that the seaman by his contract is 
tound to labor in such preparation, and tha¢ he 
has neglected to do so, and thereby occasioned ex-|: 
pense to the owner. Whereit is proved’that the sea- |: 
man has been Galled upon to perform’ that service 
and has refased or neglected to do so it may be 
reasonable that bs should pay suck oxpomse, OU 
there is no such proof in the present case. No op- 
portunity was given to this young man to perform 
this labor himself, although it appears he was in 
New Bedford between two and three weeks before 
the sailing of the vessel, and it would have been 
better for him to have been employed on board of 
her than exposed to the temptations of idleness 


te et 


a peta ee) 

The next charge is Macomber’s bill, which the 
Libellant’s counsel says contains a charge of five 
dollars paid to him as a bounty for engaging this 
young man. ‘bat is, in a settlement under a con- 
tract one of the parties charges the other a sum of 
money paid to a third person to procure the other 
toenter into the contract. Such a claim is inad- 
missible. — , Sd 
The next item is insurance. Before sailing op 
the voyage the seaman obtained certain outfits on 
credit, and gave to the outfitter an order on the 
owner, which the latter accepted and paid, the 
the owner thereby became a creditor and beside 
the personal liability of the seaman, held the pro- 
ceeds of his voyage as security, and now charges 
insurance on the amount paid. No insurance was 
effected at the request of the seaman, or which 
could in any event enure to his benefit. But the 
claim is for the risk that the earnings would not 
be sufficient to pay for the outfits. That is, when 
a debtor is ready to pay the whole amount of his 
debt acreditor demands afurther sum for the 
hazard be originally incurred of the solvency of 
the debtor. This charge must be disallowed. —j 
Tt is urged that all these charges are usual in 
New Bedford. I have not thought it necessary to 
receive evidence of such usage because the claims 
are of such a character that usage cannot give 
them validity. A practice to allow them must have 
had its origin in the ignorance and necessities of 
the seamen, and could not have arisen between 
parties standing on equal grounds. Other items 
in the account were objected to, some on the ground 
that they were not necessaries for a minor, and 
others inadmissible even against an adult, but an 
agreement between parties precluded the necessity 
| of the Courts making any decision thereon. De- 
cree for the Libellant. 


during that time. This item cannot be allowad, ee 


‘ re 
a. : 




“JS OseTIING 63 "ON code 
‘PNOOLIHM “YO “spoop 
| Oy. TIIM 31 ervdmos pue Joded ay Suoje Sutq ‘yuoues!y 
-J9APe SI] peor Avr od [Te 07 Avs pinom J ‘stoded oy) ut 
pasiseape oie AdyI Sv Spo Zurpuy OU Jo Ure[durod saIpe] 
ey) JO oW0s se pus ‘soorid Jo ysl] AU poysiuy MOU oAvU T 
jou Jo} esnoxe Aue eAeY pact ouo ou Jey} sedlad Moy TOUS 
1 “BI[INT e[epuel[y pue ApoavAy ‘1ojsoyouep ‘1aised 
titS LIND ttSLIIAD isLIT10d 
*sanud JsanoT squasy ye ‘BSUI] 
-[lig ‘se1dipig ‘syoeyH Sunarys pue uoade ‘Suryory ‘sutueqg 
eniq ‘suniiys edins ‘ospy “oT, 01 9g Utoly sootad ‘spi 
Zunsoys 07 % wor Ajljenb pue salAjs Ae|}O sosvO FE 
"I0T 38 O[pseu 
oy) oy OR poysiuy ‘u0j3209 oseg MO[IIg OUY AIOA OSB [ 
"20T 18 WON0D WepARg oaprm prvd osvd [ 
“OTT 1Oy 10110H P,I g-6 HepAeg Aqjenb jsoq osed [ 
*prvd rod 96 0) 0% 4 tory ‘SACO. 
OS|[e 9ALT 1 0 rig AO} 
efor eet isiy Y—"SNOLLOO GA.O0TINA SHTVA & 
*rvo4 sud oy) SulINp 10J pjos weeq eAvy Aaqi wey) seotid 
er -saooyd OLLSAMWOG 
*yoeR19 02 JOU Wey) JURE M T pue ‘oprul 
Spoor 380q OY1 ole soy, “HSS 1 Yo duruuni uivy 
Yu ‘oo'TS y10M ewos savy J wey? Suoure { ogy 10 Soy 
-8N] poos & yim AIG Jo Aiyjenb poos y “pry Jeae | puvy 
UO 10] 180eq Puy Jsodveyo 941 103 oAvY yy ‘BulAnq Jo eouryo 
S]Y) SSM 10 pyNoYs ‘HIG HIV[q poos v jo yuTA\ ul ouo AU 
*zayuNod prejar Aue 
uO plos JeAa SPOON ysedeoys oyi ‘pred tod WEE 01 IGG WOAy 
‘sjz09 pue slurg ,shog pur s,uop 10F ‘II0[0 Aavol B1IXO 
‘spAgce—"uvaa SLOP ANY Si NAN 
. "IGP 01 IAB U 2 
-nsn ‘96% 02 997 WMOIy Sursur1 sooiid ‘Aj19 Sty. UT IO] JSeUIOS 
-ptey oy) ‘sureysutsy jo out os1¥| 410A Y—"SWFHONIO 
z “paved tad OTT 01 
og UIOIy Burpjes Mou (*9*¢zy ie droyd uray) Jo []R) * NIYd 
“pred dad 9g 01 90% wrod ‘Opi pred [ puv 810109 [10 
at 8243s [WNveg—SLNIUd HONAYA SAOTId 8t 
*spooy OPI 
ri $ ie deeyd ules []eo pynoar ejdoed ysoyy ~=*ueZOp 
rod 29¢ 103 ‘sej4js pood pur spooy auy ‘uoulT eind [je pa 
-juviies ‘surydeN uoury uezop 099—"SNINd YN NINIT 
*soonid ofesarin ss am uPrry. sso, 3ue0 red 
OF ru ure ws 228 ----—4 om BE “SPOOF e40q¥ a mY Aa|RyM 
| uwonneduos Aue 4j9p O44 «2 EKGI 01 VG HOA BU ft sedtau 
Lae tasor..PHw SP 401s) 8. KOIPINLO JO A208 CF 72] £104 s OF 


| The following amusing letter, communicated to 
the Boston Daily Advertiser, shows that the writer 

ought to be the editor of a daily newspaper, for which 
| he is plainly intended by nature, and for which he 
| seems to be mistaken by the public: 

Mr. Editor:—I am constantly consulted by gen- 
tlemen and others, (who are saul to me by friends 
whose opinions are far more valnable than mine, and 
for the purpose of getting rid of them,) on the sub- 
ject of inventions ranging from patent tooth-picks up 
to steam engines ; from astronomical apparatus t 

patent pumps ; improved capstans, life-boats, wind- 

destroying and saving the animal man. It is in 
vain for me to sct in the midst of letters and papers, 
and make oath that I know nothing of the subject, 
care nothing for it, have no time to give to it, and 
will not be bothered with it. ‘These inventors insist 
| on it that I must give an opinion, which, unless en- 
tirely favorable, is considered unkind and unsatisfac- 
tory. Itisin the hope of being permitted quietly to 
ride my own hobbies, bare-backed or saddled, that I 
send you the enclosed notice—which please publish 
for one week, atleast, and send your bill to me; un- 
less you consider that it is worth, in risibility, the pa- 
per and ink which it may cost you. : 
_ [am very truly yours, 
® Dec. 17, 1855. R. B. Forses: ~ 

Boston, !'7 Dee., 1855. 

The subscriber hereby gives formal notice that he 
is not a practical Engineer or Mechanic; indeed, he 
is quite unlearned even in the theoties of Engineer- 
ing aud Mechanics, whether Military, Civil, or Na- 
val; in short, he considers himself a most unsafe 
confidant on matters pertaining to machinery, more 
especially the many new contrivances for saving mon- 
ey, labor, fuel and life. ; 

The subscriber can produce testimonials from sev- 
eral honest men, whom he has helped to ruin without 
any charge therefor, that he knows very little about 
Engineering, Hydrostaties, Acoustics, Gravitation, 
Astronomy, Navigation, or the occult Sciences. 

Notwithstanding the above acknowledgment, and 
painful as it is to make it, the subseriber will be very 
happy to continue to waste his neighbors’ time, as 
heretofore, by giving his opinion on any and all sub- 
jects connected directly or indirectly, with the above 
named arts, sciences, imaginations, or under whatso- 
ever name they may be known, and on any. other 
subjects about which he may know, more or less—on 
the following terms and conditions : 

Ist. The inventor, or his agent, shall be satisfied 
with an ivterview, on any week day between mid- 
night and six a.u., of five minutes, during which 
time he will be expected to exhibit his plans, draw- 
ings, models and recommendations, and to. state ex- 
plicitly his hopes, fears and expectations. 

2d. Five dollars per minute the regular rate for 
the first five minutes, and ten dollars per minute for 
each extra minute. The interview in no case to ex- 
ceed ten minutes. 

3d, At the termination.of the interview, the snb- 
scriber will endorse the papers; his name being con- 
sidered a full receipt for the money, and a certificate 
of his entire approval (in all cases) of the invention 

submitted to him—unless he approves fully nocharge | 

will be made. 

4th. Written opinions (in answer to written com- 
munications postpaid with a stamp enelosed) will be 
charged at five dollars per line—the snbscriber to 
write as long and as large as he pleases! 

5th. Inventors must not, as is usual, illustrate 
their machines by spitting on the stove or the carpet, 
nor expect the undersigned to do anything more than 
to sign his name, oramake bis mark. 

Should these terms: be thought wareasonable, it 
must be rep ered that the proceeds of these con- 
sultations will be used for bailing an “Insane Asy- 
lum” for decayed inventors, or to the “Sailor’s Snug 

,” one ot the chimerical inventions of the age 

now suffering for the want of funds. 
R. B, PORBES, 10, Devonshire ste 


Jasses, pontooas, cannon, andthe various modes of 

gE SouTx Kenan. 

c iging to this 

the iralty, relating 
laid down in the charts, 
t track to Australia. 

ion e@ owners and masters of ships 
ought to be called to the subject, as many vessels | 
of whicli no tidings have been heard may have 
been wrecked on them :—“ Ship Caribou, Hobson’s | 
Bay, March 13, 1858. I sailed from Liverpool on 
the Sth December, 1857, bound to Port Phillip, in 
Australia. On February 22d, wind westerly, 

. brisk gale with snow squalls, at 10.33 a m., in a / 
clear between the squalis, | fancied I saw land to 

the southward ; took in studding sails, shortened 
sail, and stood towards it. At1.30 p. m. hove to 

abreast the island in the centre, bearing S. 8. W., |°’ 

| about 12 miles; lowered a lifeboat and sent her 
| to theland. I afterwards stood in to about nine 
miles off shore, and got no ground with 120 fath- 
oms of line. The island appeared to be ina 8. H, 
and N. W. direction, about 25 miles, its southern 
| extreme tending to the 8. W. forming adeep bight 
on its western side, which was entirely snowcelad, 
and gave itthe appearance ofa great barrier of 
ice, The greater part of the whole island was cov- 
ered with snow ; there was a remarkable group of 
high rocks lying off tothe N. E. from the 8. E. | 
part of the island, apparently six or seven miles, 
and on the N. W. extreme an iceberg aground 
The island was cloud-capped, but 1 think that its 
greatest elevafion could not be less than 460 feet 
above the level of the sea. While hove to, await- 
ing our boat return, 1 was astonished to see ves- 
sels at anchor in a bay, we having opened it 
through drifting to the-S. E, One of them got 
under way aud stood towards it ;"it proved to be 
the American schooner Oxford, of Fairhaven. 
They put out a boat, and the master came 
on boad ; he told me they called it Hurds Island, 
and that it was discovered by them eighteen 
months before. He seemed annoyed that my boat 
had landed, and advised me to go and leave her 
behind, saying she would never return ; but I told 
him I would never leave her while | had another 
boat toseek for her. I was very anxious, for it 
was then sundown, and darkness coming on fast; 
but while speaking the lookout at the masthead 
reported the boat in sight, He then became more 
communicative, and told me they were after oil; 
that the shores of the island swarmed with ele- 
phants; and that they had sent to America from 
the island since the discovery 25,000 barrels of oil. 
The island was bold on the N. E. side, and no hid- 
den dangers; and the bay where they lay was a/ 
fine bay or natural harbor with good anchorage; 
{no sunken dangers, with 12 to 20 fathoms all over, 
and sheltered from all winds except a north-east- 
erly, with a fine river of fresh water at the head 
of it. He also told me that there was another 

island west of Hurds, distance some 30 miles, and | k 

another E.5. E, 70 miles, both of which he had 
seen, but never landed on. My own officers that 
were in the boat confirmed his statement of the 
| Sea elephants, and the island being well watered; 
there were penguins and other birds in myriads, 
and onan island abont a mile apart from the 
main appeared to be a great mound of guano. 
While lying to | went to look for my abstract, and 
it made me shudder to think that only 12 moaths 
before I ran past the island at midnight in a heavy 
gale of wind, not more than four or five. miles 
distant, ignorant of its existence. My greatest 
wish on sénding my boat to the island was to find 
out if there were any shipwrecked persons on it 
whom I might relieve. I send, enclosed with this, 
a sketch of the island, in the execution of which I 
was very much assisted by one of the passengers. 
It was entirely of volcanic origin, my six officers 
| having found the surface ashes and stones, like 
the specimen enclosed. J made the northern ex- 
treme of the island in lat. 53 18, long.73 7 E. 
| by good chronometers.”— Liverpool Daily Post, 

G f 
ol ig A é 


f i 77” 
(C6 2G fj 5 

written by} ; 

arctic, will possess an Marat toour readers. We 
have therefore made the following extracts: 7° 
“We saw our first iceberg in lat. 62 27 S. lon. 
1615 E., Dec, 19th, 1851. On the 20th, in lat. 63) 
41S. lon, 164 39 E., the ship was “up to the pack-| 
_ ice. We were sailing all day on the 21st along the! 
ice, getting southerly at every opportunity. On) 
the 22d, in lat. 63 19 S., lon. 17117 E., we. were} 
| surrounded by ice-islands and pack-ice in every 
direction. _At this time we saw not but a few}: 
hump-back and fin-back whales. On the 23d.we } 
were working our way all day through field ice. 
On the 24th, while the ship was _working her way 
through drift ice, we saw at 7 o'clock .A. M., a 
sperm whale, We lowered and captured him, al- 
though a thick snow squall came on. Qn the 25th 
‘we had fresh gales with ice all areund the ship, our 
latitude being 63 34 S., lon. 1715 E. On the 26th 
we saw sperm whale, but it was too rugged to! 
lower, On the 27th, in lat. 64158, lon. 171 25 E,, 
there were large quantities of ice in sight. On the 
the 28th, we had eight icebergs in sight and a very 
large quantity of updrift ice. On the 29th, the ship 
was close to the pack-ice, and we were all day 
working through ice on the 30th. On the 3ist, in 
lat 64 17 S., lon. 172 34 E., there was too much ice} 
in sight to the south, the ship working to the]. 
north. There were thirty icebergs in sight at one 
January Ist, 1852, we had a thick snow storm 
_ and were close to the pack-ice. On the 2d we had 
thick fog and rain, We kept all hands looking 
out for-ice, the ship standing as occasion might re- 
quire to keep elear of the ice. Qn the 34 we had 
avery narrow escape from coming in contact with 
an iceberg. On the 4th we had thick fog, with 
squalls and saw several icebergs. On the 5th, in| 
lat. 66 108, lon. 172 10%, the ship making 
Southerly, there was nothing in sight but iceberos | 
and pack-iee. On the 6th, at 8 o'clock, P. M,, wel 
‘raised asperm whale close to a large iceberg, we 
lowered and’ ¢aptued him in’ a thick snow squall, 
haying the ‘whale alongside at 6 o’clock, P. M, 
_ There..were twelve icebergs in sight at the time. 
Notwithstanding the storm we cut in the whale, 
On the 7th we had thirteen icebergs in sight from 
the deck. We raised a sperm whale and lowered, 
but the fog shut in and remained so for six hours. 
‘We saw tiothing more of the whale. On the 8th, 
there was nothing in sight but iee. On the 9th we 
had thick fogs and snow squalls. On the 10th wa 
experienced thick fog squalls. On the Jith nu- 
merous ice-islands iisight. On the 12th thick fog 
and rain. On the 18th, early, we had light winds 
with fog squalls. There were many hump-back 
and sulphur-bottom whales in sight, with great! 
_ numbers of sea-elephants. At one time there 

were twenty-four icebergs in sight. - 
At 6 o’clock, A, M., there were fifty-seven ice- 
bergs insight. Many whales were in sight, but 
no right whales nor sperm whales among them, 
Lat. 66 26 S., lon. 175 26 E., on the 14th, we had 
fresh ga'es with thick snow squalls.. On the 15th 
nothing in sight but icebergs, On-the 16th we had 
variable. weather, with several icebergs in sight 
On the 17th, thick rainy weather, with fresh galbs, 
On the 18th, strong gales. with thick weather. 
On the 19th, thick weather: After beating and 

| banging about in the ice for thirty days, I as un- 
| der the necessity of leaving the ground. We did 
| not see a single right whale. ’. On the 7th of Feb- 
| Tuary we came to anchor in Terlagu Bay, where we 
were not able to get sufficient supplies for a long 
cruise. On the 13th I took a turn off Cape Saun- |» 

| ders, but saw nothing. On the 28th we dropped 
| anchor under the N. E. point of Chatham Island 
| I think this an excellent place for whalers to re- 
Cruit, We could get no water, but hogs and pota- 
toes were yery cheap.. I came to Roratonga ex- 
pressly for water, which I could not get elsewhere. 


An Act TO prorecr Martners anp Suip- 
Owners From Imposition.—This act was approys 
ed by the Governor on the 9th inst., and is as fols 
lows :— 

See. 1. No person shall board or attempt to board 
any vessel arriving in Boston harbor, Salem harbor, 
Fall River harbor, or the harbor of New Bedford and 
Fairhaven, before said vessel has been. made fast to 
the wharf, without obtaining leave from the master 
or person haviug charge of said vessel, or leave in 
writing from the owner or owners, or agent thereof, 
under a penalty of not more than fifty dollars for each 

See. 2, If any person, not having obtained leave as 
aforesaid, shall board any v | whatever, in either 
ofthe harbors aforesaid, after having been ordered 
not to do so, by any person having charge of such 
vessel at the time, or if any person shall board such 
vessel, and shall refuse or neglect to leave her, when 
ordered to do so, by the person having charge of such 
vessel, he shall pay a fine of not raore than fifty dols 

See. 3. The provisions of the foregoing sections 
shall not apply to any pilot or public officer visiting 
a vessel in the discharge of his duty. 

Sec, 4. No person shall entice or 4 
tempt to entice or persuade any member of the crew 
of any vessel arriving in either of the above named 
harbors, or of any v l about to sail from either of 
said harbors, to leave or desert said vessel, before 
the expiration of his term of sery such vessel, 
ui der a penalty of not more than fifty dollars for 
each offence. 

Sec. 5. If any person shall knowingly and wilful- 
y persuade oraid any person who shall have shipped 
ona vi * from any port in this Commonwealth, 
and received advanced wages therefor, to wilfully ne-~ 
glect to proceed on such voyage, he shall forfeit a 
sum not.exceeding one hundred dollars, to be reeov- 
ere! as herein provided. 

Sec. 6. The penalties herein provided may be re- 
covered on complaint in the police court of Boston, 
when the offence is committed in Boston or Boston 
har in. the police courtof Salem, when the ofs 
fence is committed in Salem or Salem harbor; in the 
police court of Fall River when the offence is commit- 
ed in Fall Riveror Fall River harbor; and in the police 
court-of New B rd, when the offence is committed 
in New Bedford or Fairhaven, or in the harbor of New 
Bedtord or Fairhayen, saving to the party convicied 
his right of appeal. And any person offending 

al any provision of this act may be an 

r without warrant, by any officer quali 
serve Criminal process in the city where the offence 
is triable; provided that the person arrested shall 
be forthwith brought before the court. 

Sec. 7, For the purposes of this act, the outer lims 
its of Boston barbor shall be, for any vessel bound to 
said harbor, the line fixed by the 24th section of 
chapter 32 of the Revised Statates; and the outer 
limits of Salem harbor shall be, for any vessel bound 
to said harbor, the chops of said harbor; the harbor 
of Full River shall be deemed to include the waters 
of Taunton Great River, and Mount Hope Bay, from 
the South line of the town of Frecitown, to Rhode Is- 
land State line, including the shores of Somerset; 
and the outer limits of the harbor of New Bedtord 
and Fairbayen, for vessels bound to said harbor, 
shall be the outer limits of Buzzard’s Bay; and the 
harbors of New Bedford and Fairhaven shall be cons 
sidered as one harbor; and Boston harbor shall be 
deemed to include the shores of Chelsea and Charles- 
town; and the word vessel,:in this act, shall also ins 
clude any vessel propelled by steam. 

Approved May 9, 1857. 


ROSEWoop SUITS, constantly on hand, up- 
fq sholstered ji 
; REPS, | 
fi I have also for sale the celebrate; 
y acknowledged to be the very best Bed ; 
yet invented | 
my3 No. 189 Union st. | 

8000 ROLLS 


Hing | 

At the Lowest Prices, 

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Mrs. Bishop’s Corsets, 

A full supply of ,( ORSELS, of the above celebrated 
manufacture, acknowledged by competent judges to be 
the best and cheapest Corset now in market, at 

J. H. SARFORD!S, 38 Purchase st, 

April 29th, 1857. 


ee eT = 2 

Att Asout Brecxingice O11.—Among the 
causes which have contributed to the recent temy or- 
ary discussion of price the Oil markets, doubtless 
the inflated statements that have been set forth in in- 
terested quarters, relating to the cotfiparative excel- 
lence and cheapness of Breckinridge oil,have not been 
among the least. Gas, «we were told, had already 
taken the place of Sperm Qil to a considerable ex- 
tent as a ns for producing illumination, although 
at a somewhat higher cost, and the new discovery of 
Breckinridge Oil, now threatened entirely to super- 
cede both, for its superior excellence and cheapness. 
So far as we have learned, however, no satisfactory 
result has yet been attained with the Breckinridge 
Coal Oil, while on the other hand, the experiments 
that have been made by scientific and competent 
Judges are entirely adverse to the claims under which 
it has been ushered before the public. 

The following article on this subject has been fur- 

nished by Mr. James Macy of Nantucket for publi- ‘ 

cation, and as coming from one who has had much 
practical experience on the subject will be read with 
much interest. In an article in’ the Nantucket Mir- 
ror, Mr. Macy says :— 

“Having heard and read much about the lubrica 
ting and burning qualities of this oil, I procured a 
sample from the Company’s Depot, 98 Broadway, 

N. Y., and have (for my own Satisfaction) made some. 

considerable examinatiou of it, and find that it is not 
a new article, but its manufacture has been reported 
by eminent chemists and others for many years, be- 
ing produced by the distillation of coal tar (coal 
naptha) spirits or oil of coal tar. 

It is a volatile oil, and when unmixed with any 
fat oil, may be easily tested by saturating a piece ot 
paper with it, and hoiding it to the fire for a moment 
whcn it will entirely evaporate, and leave the paper 
clean, not even leaving its ordinary offensive smell. 
It comports with the fat oils, when mixed with them 
precisely as oil of turpentine, rendering them more 
fluid, and capable of enduring a lower degree of 
temperature, without changing its limpid appearance, 
than any of the fat oils, unmixed. The Breckin- 
ridge is said to endure a temperature of 10° below 
zero, without thickening. Perhaps this was as low 
a temperature as it was thought necessary to warrant 
for present purposes, but I can see no reason why 
it should not endure a temperature of 100° below 
zero, or even like alcohol, remain perfectly limpid at 
any degree of cold, so to speak, produced by chem- 
ists as yet. 

Tts burning qualities are poor, as it produces a 
dark flame and very much smoke, with’an offensive 


| smell, and deposits much soot in the apartment, f 

where it is burned—that is—when burned in a coms 
mon stand lamp or solar lamp ; and probably when 
burned in any lamp so constructed as to consume 
the smoke, will also consume the oil so fast as to 
make it more expensive than even sperm oil ; for 
when it is burned in the same kind of lamp with an 
equal quantity of sperm oil, and wicks precisely 
alike, the Breckinridge oil will be consumed in seven 
hours, while the sperm oil will continue to burn 
twelve hours and fifteen minutes; the former giving 
a very inferior light, and much smoke, while the lat- 
ter gives a white and brilliant light, with smoke.. 
The specific gravities of the fat oils in common 
use, and also of Breckinridge oil, oil of turpentine, 
and alcohol, are as follows, at a temperature of 60° 
Fuahreheit :— ; 
‘ aoe oa 0.881 
pt SW bale. Oily cr0s. 0.829. 
ee _ Lard Oil, : 0 923 
Oil of Turpentine, - 0.878 
Breckinridge Oil, 5 0.855 
Alcohol, at 84 per cent, — 0.852 
The Breckinridge is the ot flnid ooo! 

eee -- 
Lard Oil, 0 923 
Oil of Turpentine, 0.878 
Breckinridge Oil, 0.855 
Alcohol, at 84 per cent, 0.892 

The Breckinridge is the lightest fluid excepting 
only the alcohol, which is but $4 per cent., while ab- 
solute alcohol has a specific grayity of 0.794; and so 
also, Breckinridge oil is capable of a higher rectifica- 
tion, until its specific gravity is 0.753, showing that 
when both are treated alike as to their rectification, 
the Breckinridge oil is much the lighest fluid, and is 
extremely volatile. An author states that: 

“Mineral naptha is a compound of several hydro car- 
bons, to which the names paraffine, naptha, napthene, 
napthale, &c., have been given. A similar fluid to min- 
eral naptha is obtained by the distillation of coal tar 
(coal naptha) and is largely employed in the arts, in 
the preparation of coarse paints and varnishes, and for 
the solution of India Rubber. It is also found in the 
form of a limpid bitumen, which exudes from the sur- 
face of the earth in various parts of the world. It pos- 
sesses a penetrating odor, and a yellow color, but may 
be rendered colorless by distillation; it boils at 160°, 
and is very inflammable. Specific gravity, 0.753 to 
0.836. It does not mix with water, but imparts to that 
fluidits peculiar taste and smell ; it mixes with alcohol 
and oils. 

Breckinridge oil when used to mix paint, dries 
more slowly than oil of turpentine, but probably 
will answer the purpose ; yery much unlike sperm 
oil, which cannot be made to give up its greasing 
quality, or to dry, even when severely boiled with a 
mixture of any or all the dryers used by painters in 
linseed oil. 

If, then, Breckinridge is a volatile or essential oil, 
is fit for the manufacture of paints or varnishes, is 
subject to decomposition by access of air or light, 
and many other things which might be mentioned, it 
follows that it can have—in itself, unmixed’ with the 
fat oils—no solitary power to overcome friction on 
machinery, and as it is aiso largely composed of ros: 
in, which passes over in the process of distillation, 
it must be a hopeless prospect that it will ever be 
successfully introduced for purposes of burning, ex~ 
cept where a dense smoke will be no inconven 

Although many and various kinds of substitutes 
for sperm aud whale oil, have been brought before 
the public for the last thirty years, yet I think that-a 
fair experiment will show, that as yet nothing has 
appeared so effectual and so economical as sperm oil 
for muchinery, and whale oil for purposes of light, 
being at the same time perfectly safe. And when the 
importers and manufaciurers of sperm oil will ex- 
pend but a small portion of the time and money, in 
introducing pure sperm oil to the necessary consum- 
ers of it, that others have done in palming off their 
various impositions as a better article than sperm oil, 
the consumers will be satisfied that unadulterated 
sperm oil (an article rarely found in the market we 
fear) is the. cheapest and hest article, even at the 
highest price it has. hitherto been selling for, and 
whale oil will also be found the cheapest light, in 
properly constructed lamps, that can be procured. 

One word for Paraftine candles, said to be another 
production of the distillation of coal. I have a relia- 
ble author who gives the following receipt for produ 
cing this article from beach tar (about the same 
properties as coal tar, so far as paraffine is concern- 
ed) :— 

“Distil beach tar to dryness, rectify the heavy oily 
portion of the product till a thick matter begins to rise; 
then change the receiver, and moderately urge the heat 
as long as anything passes over. Next digest the pro- 
duct in the second receiver, in an equal measure of al- 
cohol of 0.833 or 90 per cent., and gradually add six or 
seven parts more of alcohol; crystals of paraffine will 
gradually fall down, which, after being washed in cold 
alcohol, must be dissolved in boiling alcohol, which will | 
deposits crystals of pure paraffine as it cools ; white, 
odorless, tasteless; specific gravity 0,87; melts at 112° 
and dissolves in boiling alcohol and in oils, It burns 
entirely away with a ciear white flame without smoke.’ 

Rather expensive candles we should judge. 


Pine and Farming Lan. 

uth 2d 

The Saint Mary’- Wiatls 

or par | TIX ESE LANDS, wh re principally 
st. ated in the Lower Penin of Mi-higan on at 
| the vicinity oftie large streams and rivers, easy o 
= | CeS8, and selected under more favorable circumst; 
Dr. sale, than = 
“Premipe Any other Wesiern Lands, 
use st. Were chosen with particular re nec to their. loc 
= on the streams and the quantity and quality of the. 
| timber. Ont account, 
peer } Fo 


Y LumbDering Purposes, 
| They are ver ; vie and valuable. The streams 
large, and e floating log: at all seasons oj 
year, with » their mouths, on the Lake. 
any lemments and ex:ensive. lu 
land conducted with unitorm 
roving alrearly the must profitable lumber o;‘ 
tionsin the Union, aud having access, by meaus of J 
navigation, to 

Tracts of from 40 to 40.000 Acres, ¢ 
will be found at convenient points, affding oppor! 
or the most extenyiye Jumbe‘ 
A large portion of these lands are among 
and as they contain enough ofthe FINEST PINE 7 
BER to more than pay for the land, fencing, mode 
Ss, and offer very superior inducements to tr 
meet- | and soil and cli aate both suited to all the grains, f° 
and produce raised inthe most favored portions ot § 

with their families, will find Jocation just suited to 4 
formation of a settlemeni, with good water power, 
| Convenient access to neighboring settlements. 

e best ) TERMS: 
By, 8it- One fifth will be required atthe date of sale, and 
sidence | balance in one, two three and four years with interes 
| Court, | six per cent per annum. 
aiming | The Company have full and complete description 
O two | eacii tract of their lands, from a total exploration by 
e of | eral different parties, with accurace maps of each to 
pr st. ship, according to government surveys. These ma; 
| seen at the 
oe ‘Copies of Maps, field notes, and other information 
e two cerning the lands will be furnished without charg 
Base- | those wishing to purchase. ; 
> Large Maps of the State, showing the lands of 
st., by | Company, will be found at public places in most. of 
leew | principal towns in the Eastern and Northwester 1 Sl 
Bs Address, GEO. S. FROST, Land Age 
Se or hese eT ae ried L Comp?y 4 J 

URIFIES and Strengthens the blood by er 

icating through a nice chemical action, ¢ 
impurities and humors, its power to 
that mere Medicine cannot cure. H i / 
strengthening and vitalizing the blood. lt furnishes 4} 
certain extent, the element of which pure blood is composed 

eradicates and Cleanses'‘away whatever clogs and thick 
the blood. 


ystem strong and healthy, by freeing | 

ach from objestionable materials, 
| herves and vivifies the system, by turnishing the eleme 

las-are | Which give vitality. = 
H boil. Gives to the system an influence an effect similar to ¢ 
| prodneed by exercise in the free open air. It pared 
7 y strengthening od to brighter ana better acti 

an be | ~0ing its. work by beginning at the beginning. J 
© | pleasant. to the taste, and become 
| known, 

3a favorite Where, 

ul | Removes Biliousness in the Most direct ang 
1} by neutralizing the cause. Phis is the 

| tion in removing’ illnegs generally, 

easy mann 
Principle of its + 
t neutralizes ¢ 
| cause, by freeing the blood trom impediments toits prc 
= er fulfilment of’ its life Siving functions. 
This principle of neutralizing the canse is why 

mere medicine cannot Sensibly affect, and why 
Cures other diseases 
Resulting from Poisons in the Blood, 
~ | that mere medicinal preparations Cannot alleviate, A 
| “ors are poisons in the blood, and it is by their chemie 
action in neutralizing those poisons that 

re enabled to cure them 80 that they stay cured, { 
Vital Fluid 50 cents per Bottles Globules 25 cents ) 
or. 1 
oston. f | 
MANSFIELD & CO., No.11 City wharf, Specia] Agen; 
| Boston. 
| Weexs & Porrrr, Washington street, 
| Goopwiy, 99 Union reet, Bost 
i Sold in New Bedtoru vy C. 
fate, | County and Kempton Streets; 
} chase cor of Unior ; 

chase and William s ree 

THornron. & GerRRisg, 91 [ 


Kce Cream and Refreshment d 
SAT, 2 Oo ne Ss a 

9 0 
And Nepot of Prince Bay and New Haven Oysters, 

ornhill, General Agei 

and Georges ? 
on, wholesale dealers L 
- CHURCH & Co., cornery 
Danrgy, Tuornton, 5 Puy 
re Capwext, Corner of Py 
+, 74 Purchase st 
nll-d&w3 I 


Meals at all hoy rs Of the day and evening, 
Porier House Steak, Rump Steak, Mutton Chops, 
Pork Steak. Boiled Ham, flam and kggs, 
Roast Beef, Fish, Baked Beans, 
Cold Pressed Corned Tripe, Boiled Tongue, 
Beet, Pigs Feet, Boiled Kggs, 
Oysrers In Every STYLE. Gane tw tts Season, 
Crean ‘loz is Oyster Pies 
Dip Toast, Chicken Pie 
Dry Yoast, Sandwiches, 
Hot Kolis, Sardines, 
Ric Pudding, Rhubarb Pies, 
Harina Pudding, Whortleberry Pies, 
Mince Pies, Apple Pies, 
Custard Pies, Washington Pies, 
Roasied, Ste i Fried, On the Shell. 
Vanilla Ice Cream. Lemon Ice Cream, Wruit Iees, a9 
Strawberry Ie; Cream, Caly oot Jellies, Wine Jellies 14 
Pineapple Tce Cream, — Pres. yes 
French Chocolate Tea, Coffee, &¢ . &e. 
> Fruits and Nuts ofall Kinds in their season. Aue 
Our Saloons will be found fitted in the best style, ar ny 
and spacious, in connection with several] private room 
for families and Parties. 
7 Families and Pa ties supplied Ww 
Cakes, and all the varieties of Dj 
patch and in the best sty le, Iso 
y the quart or gallon, and sent to any part of the city 
n8 dtf 


ith Icz Cream _ = 
erved with disse. a 

eS Seay See 

— a 





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A letter from Capt Dougherty. of ship Alexander. of 
this port, dated Sydvey, NSW, Deo Ioth repestetho fol- c 2 Ww . 
lowing: AfGa ear ing Geena perm oe a. Sydney, N. S. W.,Aprili0—The'ship Alex 
ing across to Van Dieman’s Land. wepicked up a smail @"¢er, 421 tons, Capt Donghertypowned by 

* aa 
> : whale, and When off Jarvis’ Bay got one nore; making in/Swift & Derry, of Negeiiedsord, sailed from 
( / oe boing he 28 Board. ke the chance for Sydney on the 34 of January last, on a whai- 
; ng ol! better on New Zealand, proceeded there. On.j rova > SS h Se . o 
4 4 L LA AML the 10th of November, there belting indications of bad ah? an for the eee , ‘W .en. the ; 
) T : 2 4 : weather, took in the bow bout and hove the ship to under ship neared the coast of New Zealand, /she 


close reef main top: sil, and fore topmast staysail, head- SYddenly struck upon a reef, running about 
ing to the S W, supposed in lat 48305, )on 16520 BE. Ai7 Seven or eight miles from the main land; the 

J P M turned the other three boats up, ship heading toSW (weather at the time was thick and hazy.— 

at f allnight. (Jn the morning of the ith, wore ship, head- {Immediately she carried away rudder and 
Ef If talent ore cost not weather Gape Payecgartend ey goockes A large hole in her. bottom; shy: then | 
yy J 6 - ea j Le 2 y Se, 200 > ove | e. > ater: f{ ine 
ALL. Jed : S74 SO ALL JZ 4 daring to aritt down through Faveraux Straits,wore ship ae she had soe dee waters Ainding 
— 4 and headed to che South, with the intention of going out, “)'"* SUC 144 seven leet of water in her hold, 

by the South end ot Stewart’s Island. At3P Mshipped/he captain made sail, succeeded in working 
a heavy sea on the starboard quirter, which swept the "er clear of the reef and run her on shore on 
deck clean from the stern forward to the main rigging) the beach, as the only chance of saving cargo; 
down totheplankshear on both sides, carrying away immediatcly cut away masts and Ist go an-= 
three boats, both houses, sky-lights, galley gangway, thors. At this time the water was on a level 
davits, rail, bulwarks and stanchions, and had it not been with the lower deck. In landing the crew. one 
for a main topmast and main yard that were lashed upov man, named Joseph Soldje a7 AU : 
the larboard side, there would not have been aliving soul |) "\" 1 Findi seph soldier, was drowned in 
lett on deck, the fourt.. mate and myself among the rest, [he surf -Finding it useless remaining with the 
for at the time the sea struck the ship all the watch on fhip, Capt. Dougherty at once chartered the 
deck were under the after house; asit was, Patrick Con- schooner Australian Maid to proceed to Wel- 
nely was washed overboard and drowned, Thomas Quinn'\ington, where she arrived on Monday morn- 
had his collar bone broken—these were two men shipped Ino, The Alexander was out 28 months, and 
in King ‘{George’s Sound Of the original crew, Albert vad 1300 bbis. s i be a 
G Br ley had his leg broken; and Martin Bodmer had |) ow, eee ee oard at the time 
his back broken, and has since died. Mr Phillips, thechief /"®.W@S Wrecked. ‘The captain states that his 
mute was badly bruised, but none of his bones were brok- )0Sition on the chart upon the previous day, by 
en. Jyvery min on deck was more or less injured. Atil is calculations, placed him about 70 miles to 
P Mthe weather moderated. Next morning the wind he southward of where the vessel struck, and 
hauled to the south, and making what sail we could carry,-hat the reef is not laid down in any of his 
steered W by N. At3P M sighted the West Cape bear: sharts She is stranded about half a mile i 
ing N,di-tance 20 miles. We cut up atopsailand nailed aorth-westerl divest a from’ tk 7 Wh #4 “ye 
it two streaks down on the outside of the ship and up over ies 1 mf May Sasa kG 2! ¥ a Nhe Bluff, 
» the plankshear, tarred itand nailed it over the deck to ‘"4 nearly our miles to the southward of the 
keep the water out—the same over the sky-light, cabin nouth of the W airou river, on the middle isl- 
gangway and boobyhatch. We arrived at Sydney onind. A public auction was held, and the oil 
the 22d enh oryge SS ee ee a in preparing. . was sold for £2700, and the vessel for £370; 
survey was Called,consistin of Capt Malcom, President-he ship’s 5 ‘ he hee ake 
of the Insurance Company here, the Marine Surveyor, _ ship's “stores and whal gear were sold 
General, the master Carpenter of the port, and Capt Day- | 
is, of the American bark Snap Dragon.” The survey hd 
not reported at the date of Capt Doughert letter, but 
he estimates the cost of reprirs at about $60 He wasin 
hopes to be ready for sea in about 2 or 8 weeks; would go 

ver 3, 1855, and with her outfits was valued at 

to New Zealand Ground. Also reports that ship Com jbout $40,000. Insurance on ship and out- 
Morris, ot Falmouth, had arrived at Sydney leaking very 
badly She was taken on to the slip where it was found 
that her copper was started, and her bettom badly eaten {2 
by the worms. 

ts and catchings at offices in this city for 
b ox . ys ne 1 i 
$23,325, and in Fairhaven for $5,900, 

—— nl 

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“wo MS waos Oo ‘sais wreyano . W140} 
sour F Aya9 
yoqered quests OO Q Spe OF eR? Wao gn4 
Bae oss SUMO TOA Tura oF FT wags DEY 
kur ut 1M 9981 (jauiat} ® gaamtijos od 
ora Nokon? ue ~Aqsarey AL BENT cq “snoUd 
gneu yes yo qui tw rauyo 118 
bbe reoq O04 weer age ott at SACOS AOE roth 

Ayyo om) OF 

c 1x8 189 on 
c soso aq3 OF en 
Bar aes 70) ont 
a} 51nsea(d Ut ve 
ed 10 ‘ST es 
aw ‘t¥OS ONt | 
“kur 10f 88 ere \ 
f qq) TO Syate 
338 Ks ont 08 2aot} | 
6 SA ‘appns 1s0Ul 
pur aot cans | 
ourayaretd a 
oopy At 
eur ost¥ * 
tg A[BS aang 
youn fl 
* Jol « = 8 
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“ favnoml « 12) 
gr saoneorpemt 7” 

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ON SS auicipe i 

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sCOPVAO LET worpon 10210 

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) h. 
Ne eo - 
ee 7 er appenien'iy ets very | 
, i & sea rose on the starboard quarter, and |/ 
é L CA “VI 0 C broke full on board, carrying away three boats, two deck 

houses, galley, companion hatch, and skylight, bulwarks 
and stanchions aft on both sides, sprung mizzenmast, and 
completely cleared the decks abaft the mainmast. The 
covering board on the starboard side was started, and a 
large quantity of water got below, but the ship had not 
made any water since the accident. A seaman named 
Connelly, was swept,overboard and lost; a second had 
his back broken, a third broke his leg, and a fourth his 
‘collar bone. From the immense quantity of water that 
must have come on board it is surprising that all hands on 
deck were not carried over and drowned. The Alexander 
was 26 ionths out and had on board 1270 bbls sp oil. 

surmgiuQ pur Sunjyuy ‘spoo9 AUITSMUIN pus 


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qoedsep puv ssoujduroad WIM ‘3Mor9 pure sia. 
“wore TINO 4B sues 944 JO doNENNIIHOD 
BYO. Jed TBO B sn dats 07 Ayperouas 
ByStWVs pus ‘soyounsq syr [me ur Suarz0 Tey q 
819}NQ S,uourBag ospy ‘JUSOMIYSTIQuysa Bt (Te, 
709 ‘Spoor Surystuin yg ‘SuryqorD W Apvayy ‘ 
STIO[D 1aAvag pur 4oTT, ‘stJO}Opworg jo au. 
~O| tou, 24} J0-T3NOS s100p May B—4a0I)8 1938 
Aa) eq} A [pesatas orqnd ay} pus ‘sromoysno ‘sp 

“GHOdGaa AAN ‘LISaMis wa 
"OM “ON ‘Spoon Say 
9 JO SSurygsraany &, MOUIO] 

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“yoodsur 03 poyran 
uv SIING s 
8 “om Sow 
“ ‘du0d40Gaa MAN ‘Eaay 

“OO ¥ ago; 

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24} UF4ep10 03 apeur eee : 

“dL1osep Aa04 

Tay MOU ‘2 °'O 

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j FO JWoUTZIOSsE poo# B yaITK 

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rs Lk 2Y. 1m. ars ” 
TIAN y 0) Spautwk ent a © Re 
2 i oraeee ee Ss. or 
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Gy Wl : Uptte, S71 Lie <— 4D] 


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BLA: ford, her ah Letrvan beceo, tides Z/; G4 of —~M ALA Ch. Cafer 
Hicks Rad Goff Lhe Ee Cecoun? 77 AchoLe 421 bowlol 
beletiw ae Lergherty Master, ea Tnale/ psec 
WA ye. on, Vet, Bo, GE feo Mize gon 6 of dette Gg, / 
43, Fh co bf ec Gecko Se sport pte (B20 ter ie Jo he FU y, Bijpbé, 
fea ga Fora i ode, Lig aged Diz ; 

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atte “ Ze YSZ (Og LSE00 Ol y Clritvecc Abia 
Lins? 22, Lp ates eon oe fetlacoe Fees . ate 

fo He GA, it Z ee to Jee Cae jal Mc E, de i cen Saar Le 

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AR J are Keece Ib, AEE g py The fib 
EE x 5 Sp fiche OL 4. Ml 
boil Ze Morcelilee both, 

Ke. 402 y Bae Lek | 
fester tte thf, 250 Ma Mole 

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aos wed poor}; 47 b- SU 4 0d 
\\ eae BLL ALA Lt as 
| Ucthrtit, Le PLO we bot HE. fog 
fh MH. taal, Hd sewe Gt hos bjt 
HE. hore Who eee Lei Lc ca 
ZL pprettitee Lect, FF Stlbe 
BE. peaecoe, 20704 Lhfifeeieg Ka 
covet? 0 Mes Yeates A, ie 

Wy. (Mali fecwee, Hehe ae Mlatia A 

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DX eee} lag cle zy yuo Ha. tes? “Necteed, 

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sae OL, hj, #0 Vale fires Jeaom®, 

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“Cotta befecl! a aD &, Clr, “dels 120 Ui 100 Wh, Lo ‘ 
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LE bes ere Sa ‘Le Ly Ab n bh. boa bh “ A gta 
| Celoed a oF dow hay, LEI. the be: Whee Me, eid 
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| Levb. Fe fi pilerd — Heel beach Leh 429 $0. 4, Le roe 
/éL.. 1b badl . Jl Lele Ye f 91MWé We ait). os ip a Mtb Ob 
528 Why Wale gl fax yhileces og 357MM WA foe. Ilermfleey, 
Eats © tn AULT EE 

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Dy NY op Vous ch Senaekid endian ic ar ye 
AS 3 : \ . Y »_\ 
an ~~ ~\ et 7 oat 

PORT NG rch bith.—The Alice 
Mardell ale ins been wrecked on the 

Prates he lef harbor on the 8d inst., | 

and C Dennis calculated that he was at 
om the shoal; but about a quar- 

on the morning of Saturd 
ddenly struck upon the reef and 
One boats mped alone- 
{ al men were drowned ; three 
er, upon the she The 

rew embarked in four boats, 


three of v ved here on the morning of 

sday ; t fourch was pick up by the 
Danish bri oan Christoph. 

The Alice Mendell was a first class ship, of 

413 tons, owned by Messrs. C. R. Tucker & Co, 
and was on her second voyage. The ship and 
outs vere valued at about $45,000, on which 
there was insured $2),000 at the Commercial 

Mutnal Marine Insurance office in this city. 

ALS § 
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YY otis peed ty d Lp o. 4 Geko ‘A ke fo BLO CP Ge: we 

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be Chl, tect poe DMs ¢ ap a J SEU / 
Mihir t teiage 4 Yifealhes tO ft, $00 tit. 
1a bert ello Gila db: Lire: Zt 2 ors, 

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fee, see? ae J ee bir , CLE at AM CCtaw = (foes 

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[ote gor She ihe Ze Greg Cette’ Clem Leet fe KE L2 tt, 

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ec Lge ae Me te a a SL 4b S23 oY Bou Cited cbccce, > HL cto Moh Db, 
lye Sez CU We LZ, Veo Mitttivaylosg ae 0S 2Cce tele “ 
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re fre veges efberty Au Ta fe SVE, ee fae eae laf. Theirs 
(Sod agi cot Salea. ba ece: Bela Lp Yh5bD a ee Aevectn 
Fittveet May J 23.SSEZ san MEM ae ane ones 

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ey, A 42 Hs 2 Ahotkd 200 plato Mle” ELYy Sher ae 
I lap / DAC! ‘He tio i 4 Htitted tefeoede 4A 
fl Ce May, Yog: Jl, LLIB MY Mon fpetys ellen seferits 

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A 0d KM 2 wiDD. Ded hrs 

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ly f Ie UL Mitte 
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Pe) Gagad Qoee kel? he LLECOLCCE 
, pie ee Liga t Lou} ae Leh oa 
eee oe gee fee a 
5 PET 44 
Li ( 4, tee tect of Ol 
ee Zevel eh alo = aly fl, e295 

248 Gifs ti ee a. os ere 

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Ye ADs, CSEEE Lead fliyijec? Mba fi dpi tall Cl fee 
ae Ss fal H oe ile Be ME ioe tte 
GLE 2 Me te oo ee age Moc 

a. ee i Zt Fe a 
SPL Gj Presale 38 » Leto 

/ Coz ‘ ee th 2 be Le Gianulffler 
ho te oy — L476 io gag Ap tteteD Wt OS cd 

Chet Gitte LiL t0L FFG 2 Lb Del. 2 

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2h A a 4 hah Yt fo 

stones tne ieee / feted eg nee ere z 

5, 4 
q HM Jy / és Y Ye Z vz, 

Loss or ScHooneR ALFRED.—The whaliip 
schooner Alfred, of Fairhaven, Capt. Butler, 
tender to ship Samuel Robertsen, of PF. ., 
was lost on the E. N.E., of Hurd’s Island, 
December 29th, ina heavy gale. The captain 
states :-— 

‘Was at anchor in 10 fathoms water; the day 
commenced with moderate gales from the 
north; endeayoured to getsome ks on shore, 
but being too much wind and current, were 
obliged tohoist themin. At 7p. m., wind in- 
creased to a gale, let go the anchor at 8 p. m., 
lashed together.two more anchors—one weigh- 
ing 500 lbs. and the other 400 lbs. and let them 
go at 10 p.m.; commenced dragging a little, 
the wind having hauled to N. E.; we dragged 
our anchors gradually andat times, until 2 a, m. 
when the wind haying hauled to about N., and 
blew tremendously, the schooner dragged very 
fast; shoaled our water from 10 to 5 tathoms, 
called all hands, got ready to slip, commenced 
catting away mainmast, but found we had not 
time, so abandoned that; at 24 a. m., having 
diagged into 14 feet of water—stiill dragging 
ycry fast—shipped the cables, one chain hav- 
ing parted; foand it impossible to go to sea, | 
there being heavy’ breakers on our larboard 
beam, and the land on our larboard and astern, 
were obliged to run her on shore; in five min- 
utes after weshipped our cables were onshore; 
she ran well up on the beach; got a line ashore 
and all hands were landed in safety; saved 

some provisions and materials for building a 

La oe towed a mee , 

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Lee Me Ddiadiidigedbce 

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as aa 5 tad LAS 1 Co <0 Cre 
Pz ees ae 25, 

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| Jee TILA CTZE. a” Carebertcce a 
Miitiwncpecite® oe eat He a Aft BL, f/0 ‘22. {10 kel 
ll rutey Dee th, 4000 Lf: Lee tthe ob 

Ja le) ‘s CiLty A ig” Gig de Mga Lh 
4 F 

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Fie, Jet SEAL yy At 3h ad Hin] tae Hla 

ey hfe wt HL Hd 00le Mssn, BL ine Goaeg Dade 

te Melis e DD 4h Apeere 480 bela Jal. Ob ¥- 23 be Miah em 
i to SCL Aa, KF ALG. 

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ile % we Qlicecclh Meister’ 2 AD eras at ke A SELLLA 
Song tudia tl f00 Hh f ern «Milos Voor 

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A, 7 CO Sen Zed ee we LO Mhae 

ee ee ocd, SCC Wf Jib Yh. baad ABE 

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‘4, Vii SUI LE Z CA, PLEG Aly foe eet ee 

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Plc Gen yi Gut te Leave’ » Hicculd hese 
Fee oe Uta dectw Bias Le lioen laf 
feoretj feet itis Marcel f. L6G ely fb Ze. ee 
5 ‘fp ge DEL I ee a be FS, 
LEC ee. DF Bite. 
ae atvttt, Hak F, LEE skig dacs 
are ea A Yo of wae p82 Cig a 

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we 0 lat Meo. Gv Ly DHE HELE 

so Z A : LST hpstie Dte0 2. LEI yr (1th. Pisa 

ee et Clon I Clie tegeerG Fe gg 
: a LELEA. Birr, 22, Se Z yz JPCCE 44- Ez. GLEELE aig 0 
, Ye ilecti Geera Lr ele LS 5: Ghz Pe, 
Cf é ehh oe Af IIDGhe Clits pee 
Cot ae (fetes Ct. Ld: ear o, CA ae 
My, 2209 es aes Y Leh ga LALL ow Ae 
L rsa 4. ch Mag a7 7 Se Ly /20.titt He, Vie 
£5 1 £50 A ae ie hei “ sp Lote ot Ta 

a, Leo Veg 

Weta ond: 

by, . Mat Lee. Lien ougns o de JillicrAee re A. 
s (ftentii fa. WC 4 ee Ke sy ; 
Meio hee oo Med Cs ¢ hE 
(Yfgctlp Gers acts Bette (eee Ajit. we é ; 
Mich ff Lod) Las Atel Lop Eton Lg A Medit. 

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Bow, Citas CEA Lk Gaied cine LE ACC e Po 
YAS, Cra fe, KL tech A Lee a 
Ab care tifecth Sport 3 Leh 52 A Lou, JM 
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ifuli Particulars of the Burning of | 

Ship. Cortes. of this Port. 
t |. The following letter from Captain Lakeman, fo r| 

. “7 igs ; | which we are indebted to Edward S. Taber, Esq., ff 
CG SI —, ACCP wy DRECEA FA } gives. full particulars of the burning of ship U jor | 

se . emis) 025, and will be read with much interest: 
| Pon> Ltrs, Mauritius, Mch. 20. 

G. & M. HowiLax» :—1 am under the painful necessity | 
of advising you of the entire loss of the ship Cortes, by 
fire on the night of lst, of March, while cruising on the 
| Hast Coast of Madagascar. She was fired in two places 
in her lower hold, between the fore and main hatches, | 
) onthe top tier, by placing pieces of junk, soaked in 
spirits of turpentine, beside a cask of rosin in one place, 
and a lot of old staves &c., in another. They set fire to | 
| the after part of combustibles first, and then fieeted | 
| forward and fired the other, a little abaft the fore hatch. | 
The lower hold was full of casks, and in the spaces 
| between the casks our late supply of wood had bee oD | 
stowed quite to the decks, so that it. was very difficult | 
to get any distance from the hatchway in any direction, 
and impossible when the hold was full of smoke, as ¥ 
the case when the fire was discovered 

She was fired in the middle.;avch, about 11 o’cloek, 
re A wer =diahvered about. half past 12 
o'clock, raidatend. and would have been discovered be- 
fore, probably, but for the 3d mate, who had the watch 
and who was pledged to | keep his watch out of the w ay 
in order to let the fire get under way, before it should | 

| be reported or discovered. 

The plan was carefully per 
fect in all its details. When the fire was discovered 
| we sent some*of the parties implicated in the act to | 
| See where the fire was, &c,, which of course only made 
the matter worse, for on taking the lower deck hatch 
off, it could not be put on again on account of the suf- 
)focating quality of the smoke; besides the man who | 
| took it off had no des sign to put it on, asat would give 
air to a fire which he had just caused to be kindled. 

After using all our efforts to put out the fire, and} 
finding that it was gaining in spite of us, at past 4 in | 

| the morning of the 24, we dropped our boats, and em 
| barked ourselves with a few pounds of bread, and about 
| 12 gallons of poor water for each boat. We delayed | 
preparations for our personal safety, till a little too 
late. Our good water was between decks and our bread 
cask the same, with only a little bread in it, and it was | 
|a work of much danger to touch a cask of bread under | 
| such circumstances. We succeeded, howeyer, in staving 
a cask, but the smoke drove us from between decks be- 

re we got a sufficient quantity to have lasted many 

When we left the ship we intended to lay by till day- 

light, and then try to save some more provisions. At 

| daylight we providentially discovéred a sail close to us, | 
and immediately sent a boat to her,as she seemed to be 

standing away from us on the opposite tack. The sail 
| proved to be the ship Brewster, of Mattapoisett, Capt 
B. Waite, who very kindly took us.all on board, and 
anded us es. yesterday, all well. 



During our stay on board the Brewster I managed to 
find out the sconndrels who set fire to the ship, and 
have landed them, in irons, and imprisoned them, and 
now await the action of the American Consul, Mr. G 
| W. Fairfield, who seems determined that they shall have 
justice done them if possible. I know, from the con- 
ssions of three of the guilty parties, how the fire was 

ude, by whom, and at whose instigation the whole 

concocted and carried out. My chief prison 
are Conrad Emmel, third mate, and Alonzo Warden 
fourth mate, who were assisted by one man and the 
s—these last were assure d they could do almost any 
hing without being suspected. ‘Two ofthe boys have} 
yafessed to having fired the ship, under the protection | 

if and at the instigation of the third mate. Mr. Wa 

n, fourth mate, was pledged to carry out the plan of 
ring the ship in the merning, if it failed in the middle 
tch With the exception of one scoundre) am ng 
I my crew, I still think they were the best crew I have | 

ever had. : 

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14 Purchase Ss 


@amtter from Capt Cottle, of bark Eugenia, of this port, | 
her at Port Louis, Mauritius, March 27th, with 1100 | 
* fap, 200 do wh oil and 1800 Ibs bone. Put in to repair 
dinges received in a very severe gale of wind on the 9th 
_. fpruary, in lat 47 40 8, lon 70 30 E, while lying to un 
Weta lore top-mast sta iland main spencer, at about3 
P Mjship gave a heavy plunge, riied away bowsprit, 
fovemast, head of mainmast, main topmast, main toy 
al, opmast rigging, &c, also stove caboose, broke n 
rail, and lost ever} ng firward. After tl ale had aba 
ed, got the ship under jury masts, and next day put away 
Sr Mauritius, where she arrived on the 8th of March, and 
roceeded immediately to repair damages. At the tecf 
is letter Capt C states that his masts were well under 
ray, and he was in hopes to get themin the next week. 
}ould probably be detained from 3 to 4 weeks longer. 

| No. 94 Uniox 

> Constantly on 

and retail. Cloe V 


chage Street 


12 Pur » New Bearo 

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| fa p of, belmeds Mia: PGP EI Jkds: 210bh. A Lect. peefa 
bedlea "Jrer 4): South. Hjatth beeps, 29, 2804p 
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A letter from Capt Kelley; of ship Héury Kneeland, of 
this port, reports her =t Rio Janeiro Nov 24th, arrived that 
day fer repairs, with 18 bbls sp oil, ha ‘ing taken 2 small 
whales. Capt K writes, on the 25thof Oct, came to an- 
chor in New Bay. lat 43 8S, lon 64 45 W. for the purpose of 
watering and whaling, it being the calfing season. Found 
ship Harrison, Dennis, NB, also there, having just arrivede 
At 12 that night, it commenced blowing suddenly trom 8; 
had best anchor down, but let go the other, we laying 
about three-fourths ofa mile trom the land, to°the west 
ward. Just before daylight parted the small chain about 
10 fathoms from the-anchor; hauled in chain and shackled 
on ship’s kedge, 2 fluke chains, and two 100 Ib boat an- 
chors and let them go; ship still dragging, let out more 
chain, and sent down top-gallant yards, and made ship as 
snug as possible, it blowing a perfect hu ricane. ‘he Har- 
rison was close alongside at daylight. havii g also dragged 
and parted best chain. Saw no chance of saving either 
ship if the wind held on, as we,had but about a mile drift 

right on to the breakers, whenfthe best chain snapped off 

at the hawse hote; hekd a consultation with officers, and 
concluded could not work off shore, as the canvas would 
not stand a minute, and the only chance was to ease the 
ship of her spars, and get over more iron in place of an- 
€ ors to hold her before she reached the breakers. She 
held on by the kedge but a few moments after, when she 
fell off into the trough of the sea, taking the anchor along 
with her; ordered main and mizzen masis cut away,which 
seemed to.ease her a little; came head to the wind and tell 
offou the other tack; cut aw ay foremast and jibboom; ship 
came head to wind, still towing kedge; got upall the iron 
could find—2 fin chains, cuttir £ pennants, 3 blubber hooks 
and 2 boat anchors, shackled thein to a new Manila fluke 
hawser, ana let go from the starboard bow: in the mean- 
time another gang took the chain just parted at the hawse 
hole, bent on 2 new. cutting falls, and threw the bight ov 
At last had the satisfaction to see that she brought up, e 
cept when a heavy sea would strike her, when she started 
a fathom or two. We lay fearfully near the breakers, in 
only 4 fathoms water, expecting every moment, witha 
drift of 2 or 3 ship’s lengths, she would strike There 
seemed no chance for the ship or our lives, as the sea 
broke very heavy on the beach. Inthe afternoon got up 
provisions and water in casks, so that if she went on in the 
night they might drift ashore. It moderated through the 
night. Found the Harrison under way next morning, not 
daring to lay any longer at anchor; what saved her was 
having a 3d anchor and chain, but both vessels would have 
gone ashore ifit had not moderated in the night. With 2 
boats tried to find the anchors, but did not. Capt Dennis 
did everything in his power to help us get jury masts, & 
andin 2 ys had the ship ready for sea, hove up ground 
tackling, and with a northerly breeze sailed for Rio. Capt 
K acknowledges the kindness of Capt Dennis, of tue Har- 



, Wt Mh Son CL ZB te y AewSledlfude a Ih Tio ware J04 
By yy Jae TIPS FLO See Aas 4 

ae Day cat OeLE- 5. Yipee A, God tee 3 Ae iY oF, id 
PCCCL TDD Ch: Df Sl Ts. , thee fran Ita, / Ly, 
Phe: Cane. wae CLE ES V0b?0 Lipa 4 hele 
: eee cd! tet Lett. OG, DS bh Meath, G0v% LOVE 2. 
me fy Ss Atta abet y Z LC Af fue J 300 “Mt, He. , 
L302. fle: X. é To Af Meagan ba 4A HIG. CL 
VA J; 4 Gy VA PO ego AG tose CEs ‘gb D ALG fbricy Md WM, 
Moca o eM Ct Lo a Cet ttth dn. epee, be 
tis deato Mt tad VWHrwobcler Mv bb sidi 300 thats Lee : 
(LORI Sy Lew ttfoiti tease le Mev 7, 1) bh Lah (ith tes 
ee Liveepiacess) as “ Dill re elH#orr———— 
ay HMekcwer ae LG: Z 22 LG) cost 100 (hha Seam 
\“Fz Vy My Mlbad Z ECL i Lig, pe Pept A uP GS eres Co 4 
VA Li Cet Dh ed Lf Rye a) \ 20 SA detriBllg 4 ML 
ee. CoP / gate Gece YELLE Licey 1 bie bate. Le 
te aa as 

= S22 

this port, reports her=t Rio Janeiro Nov 24th, arrived that | 
day fer repairs, with 18 bbls sp oil, having taken 2 small 
whales. Capt K writes, on the Qsth of ict, came to an- 
chor in New Bay, lat 43. 8, lun 64 45 W. for the purpose of 
eles nek and whaling, it being the calfing season. Found ||. 
¢} ship Harrison Dennis, NB, also there, having just arrived 
At 12 that night, it commenced blowing suddenly from 8; 
had best anchor down, but let go the other, we laying 
about three-fourths of a mile trom the land, to°the west- 
ward. Just before daylight parted the small chain about 
10 fathoms from the. -anchor; hauled in chain and shackled 
on ship’s kedge, 2 fluke chains, and two 100 Ib boat an- 
chora and let them go; ship still dragging, let out more 
chain, and sent down top-gallant yards, and made ship as 
ug as possible, it blowing a perfect hu ricane. ‘The Har- |F 
risou was close alongside at daylight. having also dragged 
and parted best chain. Saw no chance of saving either 
ship if the wind held on, as we,had but about a mile drift 
tight on to the b rs, chain snapped off 
at the hawse hote; hekd a consultation with officers, and 
concluded could not work off shore, as the canvas would 
not stand a minute, and the only chance was to ease the 
ship of her spars, and get over more iron in place of an- 
¢ ors to hold her before she reached the breakers. She 
4| held on by the kedge but a few momenta after, when she 
fell off into the trough of the sea, taking the anchor along 
with ber; ordered main and mizzen masis cut away, whieh 1 
seemed to.ease her a little; came head to the wind and fell |, 
off ou the o cer tack; cut away foremast and jibboom; chip | 
came head ‘to wind, still towing kedge; got upall the iron 
could find—2 fin chaina, cutting pennants, 3 blubber hooks 
and 2 boat anchors, shackled them to a new Manila fluke 
hawser, ana let go from the starboard bow: in the mean- 
time another gang took the chain just parted at the hawse 
hole, bent on 2 new. cutting falls, and threw the bight over, 
At last had the satisfaction to see that she brought up, ex- 
cept when a heavy sea would strike her, when she started 
a fathom or two. We lay fearfully near the breakers, in 
ont 4 fathoms water, expecting every moment, with a 
driftof 2 or 3 ship’s lengths, ae would strike There 
seemed no chance for the ship or our lives, as the sea |} 
broke very heavy on the beach. Inthe afternoon got up 
provisions and water in casks, so that if she went on in the 
night they might drift ashore. It moderated through the 
night. Found the Harrison under way next morning, not 
daring to lay any longer at anchor; what saved her was 
having a 3d anchor and chain, but both vessels would have 
gone ashore if it had not moderated in the night. With 2 
boats tried to find the anchors, but did not. Capt Dennis 
did everything in his power to help us get jury masts, &e, |/_ 
andin 2 da oye had the sbip ready for sea, hove up ground |) 
tackling, and with a northerly breeze sailed for Rio. Capt 
K acknowledges the kindness of Capt Dennis, of tre Har- 

Kec Lig 

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eed: GF Ley baat Sorta 77a mired 
Veni frer Matlig fe iy AL es Cee. ee a SL 
AHA peel Leas tire we boll Milley iat Z; ia Sea sre ts 1. 
v0 Idler, j, eae FS Se lt? Libr, Git fo Monee 
ae py 1 L. Yeccl 20, for ne he, y he ‘Se veges. 


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th Saya ¢ Och Ge Vlasitlante dh Vibe Spec ire aC, hip Age 
EI bpipb occ. FB. Me ch: B Yo 4 fF, ov, ps ere ee 
E “Nhe, tw Sid Lae 

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Vit ep DV Co Aleit Cf ita ten eae laa? 

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Joy ss Wit y ‘Life td ay, tod _ 2 oe iet yaa 39 cee are ; 
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Vivo Mb. Mac, Oc paste 

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= Be LE, S10 the Roy Sages : 

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The following letter from Capt. John W. Davis, 
of Dartmouth, master of bark Snap-Dragon, of New 
York, together with a slip cut from the Sydney 
Morning Heraid, although of no later date than pre- 
vious advices, confirm the horrible account of the 
mutiny and murder on board the Junior, with ad- 
ditional particulars : 

Sypvey, N.S. W., Jan. 12, 1 

To the Editor of the New Bedford Standard : 
| Sir—Enclosed I send an extract cut from the 
| * Sydney Morning Herald,” of yesterday’s date, giv- 
ing an account of a mutiny that occurred on board 
| of the whaleship “Junior,” of your port. I have 
not time at present to enter any further into the 
| particulars of this horrid affair, which has no 
parallel in the whaling annals, except it be the 
case of the ship “Globe,” of Nantucket, which | 
happened a number of years ago. 

The crew and surviving officers of the “Junior,” | 

are to-day undergoing a searching examination 
before the U. S. Consul, and the Water Police 
Magistrate, and it is very probable that some new 
feature may be brought to light in the affair. | 

Iam happy to state that the first and second | 
officers have had the balls extracted from their 
wounds, and they are both doing well and able to 
walk out. 

Tho mail steamer arrived at this port yestenday, 
bringing the October and November mails from 
England; also the appointment of Robert A. 
Merrill, Esq., as U. S. Consul at this port; and as 

q I 
there are several American ships here at present | 
that are in difficulty with the Government, itis to 
be hoped that he will be of the right stripe, and 
take a decided stand at once; for the Supreme 
|| Court of this Colony has decided in the case of the 
«Shap Dragon,” that they have jurisdiction over 
an assault that is committed on the high seas, and 
if they (the Supreme Court,) maintain that ground, 
every American ship that comes to this portis 
liable to be detained here, and her master and 
officers to be imprisoned upon any trumped up 
charge that a runaway sailor may bring, as is now 
the case with the “Snap Dragon,” whose master 
and first officer have been imprisoned, and the 
ship detained upwards of thirty days, with a pros- 
pect of being kept here for forty days more. 

The Judges of the Supreme Court have 
this decision in direct contradiction to the official 

\| reply of the Attorney General to the U.S. Consul. 
|| Which is right or which is wrong, is, I think, a 
matter that will not be settled in this colony. 

Times are dull here at present, and no prospect 

|| of any improvement. 
I remain, &e., Jonn W. Davis. 

The following is the extract alluded to above: 

| By the Lochiel, from London, we have received 
z| the following particulars relative to a frightful 
| tragedy perpetrated onthe Junior. Capt. Haddon, 
of the Lochiel, states that on the 7th inst., when 
ed ashipina shore with a} 
pul signal of distress ng, and immediately bore 
ui down for her, when she hailed, and stated. that | 
;'4 part of the crew had mutinied, and killed the cap- | 
44 tain and third officer. Captain Haddon went on | 
se board, and from the chief officer received this| 
“4 statement, “That the vessel was the Junior, of 
es New Bedford, U. S., on a whaling voyage and six 
<e| months out; that on Christmas night the crew, 
without any apparent motive, murdered the cap- 
tain and third officer by shooting them with a} 
whale gun, at the same time badly wounding the 
chief and second officers ; they afterwards cut the | 
- third officer’s head off with a spade. The chief 
mate, although in a frightful state from the ef. 
fects of his wounds, managed to gain the hold, and | 
conceal himself for five daye—when, on being dis- | 
covered by the mutinous portion of the crew, they 
| dragged him out, but promised to spare his life if | 
he would take the vessel to Cape Howe; which he | 
did—they were at that time off the st of New 
Zoaland ; on the 24 inst., Cap Hlowe boing in sight 
ten of the crew lowered two boats, and after tak- 
jing as much as the boats would carry off, slo D8, | 
&c., left the ship and pulled for the land, distant | 
about 20 miles; previous to leaving the vessel 
they smashed the chronometer, and having ob | 
I tained all the firearms on board, cut the barrels | 
| of some double barrel guns to render them more | 
| portable. The chief officer is under the impres- 
sion that the ringleader is an Eoglishman, who 
has been in the colony before. Three days after 
the massacre, the mutineers, hoisted the bodies on 
deck, and having fastened weights to the legs, | 
I thew them overboard. The Lochiel not having al 
} surgeon on board, could render no assistal to | 
the wounded men, but kept company with the Ju-| 
nior until 8P. M., on the 8th ins! » when she was | 
lost sight of, Sydney light bore N NW distan 



20 miles, ding her best to make | 
this port, | 
The Junior arrived in Port Jackson yesterday, | 
and from the chief officer we have received & State- | 
Ment which tallies in every particular with that | 
given by Captain Haddon, Ta addition, we pub 
lish some further details of this sad affair, as 
taken from the log-bo k, The names of the five 
men who actually took part in the Cold-bloo¢ 
Slaughter were Cyrus Plummer (boat-steere 
ringleader of the mutineers, and who 
shot the Captain,) John Hall, Richard 
Cornelius Barnes, and William Herbert, 
Parties, previous to leaving the vessel, entered a | 
statement upon the log, Which they individually 
Subscribed ; and further, had it Witnessed by three | 
of the crew now on board. Their Statement ig to | 
this effect: That they had nO Cause of 
With either officers or men; that none but them 
selves were implicated in the taking of 
and confessing to the murder of the 
third officer, and the wounding of the chief and 
Second officers ; that they o mpelled the Chief offi- | 
Fcer by an oath, and on Condition 
| life, to Navigate the ship to Cape Howe. On their || 
leaving the ye ‘sel they threatened, 

ig Pursuing them, or Siving any inf 
would return and sink the ghip, 

Mr. Prevost. the chief officer, at present 
charge of the laforme ug that 
timation he had of the ; ffair wag 
mer call out « fire 1» Upon which a 
| discharge of fir; arms took pl] 
| Captain, and gecon 
| himself Wounded, and fell from hi 
| deck, where he lay a y 
| heard the 
| God iol 

The vessel was d 

led | 
rand |7 
actually |, 
Cartha, iy 

These | 

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Complaint | 

the ship; 
Captain and 

of Sparing hig 

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Captain groay: 
Alt 10ugh w 

and exclaim « 0} 

Unded sey erely ti 
| Shoulder, he im mr¢ tely crossed bi 
| Where the captain lay, aud ha lly ed hi 
j ere he expired in his arms Meanw} fro 
discharge of the fire-arms, the i hing 
} ignited, and the flames rapj 3 g 
| of the Cabin fitting whi i : 

!on deck, and sbort y after the, 1ief 
| his escape into the hold + g 
| He remained in 418 Concealnent five d;v. wit 
| @ny food, and was ultimate); by the 
| already Stated, Hy afterwards } ' ; 
}mer and the others extingvighad : re. y 
} @ppears to have burnt the pringiy ; 
| wood work. The bodies of ipt 
| were then hauled on de k ay ) 
| deep. 
Mr. Prevost is of, Pinion that r e 
jin the second bh at, ine 
| mutineers, Were cognizant of ¢ 
| they took no part ite 4 . 
| W. Simpson, A. Con: r, J. Rike, ay 
| Plumer acknowledged | Mr. Brevos 
| been in New South wW 18 eighteen monthe 
| concerne lin the taki; of three of 
leaving they literally st; ped 
| crew of all their clothing, watchox 
| threw all their Whaling g: 8 
spades, » OVerbDoard 
Un the arrival of t} rin? g 
mediately boarded by Mr, North. + ie Vi 
1 Magistrate, rho instituted 1 ss 
and left officers in charge of e py g 
Communication with the America 
The Junior was gon manded by Captain \ 
who is reported by the crew tc have been a ki, 1 
and good officer. 
Mr. Prevost, who appears to be sufferi; g Severe 
ly from his wounds, was cony yed ashor ster 
day afternoon, and is being attended by Dr. Nathao 

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} froma at NE gale which had been blowing for the 


| six vessels; spoke ship Thomas Dickason, Plaskett, NB, 

ésaw one bow-head only. On the 20th of June started 

LZ all the time, with light variable winds, principally from 

" taken uothing this season. I have seen butl bowhead in | 
—| this Bay, lowered the boats, but never saw him after low- 

Tow SD MI Shee 
(f- / ; fd Jy iS : . 
MY Gore j C/ 4 é Vig A Vl 6 a yy aS, LL Cb 7 A 
U7 bh pe Q2 Y 
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Jo : prance 
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=e ae eA ” , rf nthe CEG A Br2tcege Ze 
4 y a ) ee ) ‘ Tos she i oe 
lth, “Fite Lifb btw’ Cerne Clcct2e by AV OY FZ, A aie 3 z 
“A oy D ‘ S Se a en e es Geet o fa A Aitl5 
CEFLY ae Ze CCtttZe 7, CUE yY wy & VULEP €C te. / Ze B : wo 
—Sf f- gets Ae _ Z ue ia 
WMA het IIA“ eee Cette tcl tcp os A 
/ . 9 = Geel : CCC oe th LCA ECC AGe rts EE ra 
Cn tp @ Pa ha gee NSS Z Ct LE. 
a ‘cS C4 Sez ee _Ct ite COAELLE A Lice ae —O OE Ae = Z 
: 4 £7 ayy iy ; . Noe ie sc eae : m 
Cc“ ‘7 VP 20ret' 4 VEL CCL Bt y) tf ; O ee 
a _ : ‘ r is at Ls Ct a i SA 

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© et eae ol C. c WA Lf 4 ZL A Gk 64 JLEf Ze) , (2 Z ; C2 
_ st tc ee ET TT NT EN IT ares 

A letter from Capt Coop, of ship Maria Theresa, ofthis _,.___. ed 
iport, dated Ayan, Ochotsk Sea, July 12th, 1858, reports Oo eg os ore eee A — 
yher clean, all well. ‘The ship was anchored to makea lee z hg : 

previous 24 hours. Would take in wood, and proceed to 
South West and Shanter Bays, where he would probably 
remain for the next 15 months. Left Tavisk Bay July | 
9b, and intended to have gone to the North East Gulf 
once more before going West, but was discouraged from 
the report of bark Oscar, Landers, of Mattapoisett, which 
vessel he spoke, and which had just come from that Gulf, 
where they saw no whales, but found one dead bow-head 
in the ice. Also spoke ship Rapid, West, NB, nothing 
this season. Capt Coop W rites that he arrived in the 
Ochotsk Sea on the 14th of May, and steered to the N W. 
On the 2ist came up with the ice: the same night fog set 
in and continued for three days; onthe 3d day it com- 
menced blowing, and had to work his way out of the ice, 
which was very heavy, and in doing so started the cop- 
per off both bows. By working to the eastward got 
round the ice so that he could work his way northward, 
which he did as fast as possible on account of ice and fog. 
On the 26th made Aleyin, and Ochotsk. or sowhead Isl- 
ands—could not get nearer than within 25 or 30 miles of 
the land on account of a solid body of ice. Here we saw 

which was the first we had seen in the Sea, and the ac- 
| eount Capt P gave of the fleet was anything but flatter- 
ing; he mentioned some 45 vessels that had neither taken 
or seen a whale. I cruised about here until the 29th, and 
saw no prospect of getting into Tay isk Bay, and so start- 
ed in a thick fog and a gale commencing from the W est- 
ward, to go up to the North East Gulf, whiere I had in 
previous seasons seen first rate whaling. We arrived in 
the Gulf on the 2d of June, cruised all over the ground, 

from this Gulf for Tavisk Bay, where we arrived on the 
24th, and remained until July 9th, not being able to leave 
sooner for want of wind and clear weather enough to find 
the way out. The following is a list of yessels in Ta- 
visk Bay previous to July 9th :—Superior, Wood, NB, 
nothing this season; Ronan, Dehart, do, clean; Abra- 
ham Barker, Slocum, do do: L © Richmond, Hathaway, 
do do; Eliza Adams, Thomas, do do; St George, Pease, 
do do; Euphrates, Heath, do do; Fanny, Boodry, ,do, 2 
whs: Hillman, Little, do, 2 whs-—one found dead off Jo- | 
pas Island, the other taken in this Bay; Jobn Wells, 
Woodbridge, NB, nothing this season ; Ohio, Barrett, do, 
1 bowhead, and 4 California grays, the whole making 
about 150 bbls; Parachute, cory, do, 2 whs; Robert Mor- | 
rison, Tilton, do, 1 bowhead. These vessels were all in | 
in the Bay July 9th; about 12 others had left which had 

ering. Have ex yerienced either thick fog or rain nearly 
So > 

the SW, with a large swell setting in to the Bay. 
‘A letter from the mate of ship Plover, Perkins, of this 
| port, reports her in lat 19 8, lon 30 W, 45 days from home, 
| “all well, clean, bound to the Indian Ocean. | 

- = * — - - STi dso oUt ce UOT 
TM paid ApueuvuLied pau Ajrpaads aq OF STA | ST SurLIre 
‘Toatmg pues wvrowséyd poouertadxe plo -rssoduit 
apa ApwMsed Bsr “AAG LAAHLS LLOOLE | 8ary305 
- ‘PY LIASOM MOOT PUR aolyo sry 3B potrE;qo puvy [[? 
yxas YO UL Sasvasiqy o}VALIg [[v pue ‘ssamyne AA | -UTOBUr 
Sampnyg ‘s}aalryy ‘BayLIoner 1Oof ‘ON OLL | 20} ‘aN 
“A | aywoyry 

ff 0} papmayyt 9q [TE pasopous duinyg advyso.7 ® | Atnyo. 
FM LOPSULIETY “AC 0} passeappr s19}39] [1V— usT. 
“awoysog | 0} sn Say 
yoIpUT G ING edIgo Aut WIEM Op oF Surqzou ser | Fo woTpaY 
e “oq UINU PUB atTEM oY} LoquiouTet OF asvaTT — | EU TO 
*powingat to paso. | pu’ pats 
LM aatepmodsa.109 [Iv *POPABM.LOF / APRA oI 
arorpayy paw suondrassarg ‘pagrtosop 4 ayy 0} 8} 
) aft JL pur ‘aayal Aq po}nsmoo oq Uno “FT “1¢ ‘fgyonb 
“pournpureur Asato0s 480 | Ot} Aq 
( pus*pereprsmoo ATpB.ogiy ood ayy {vay [wnsn oy} 
( *so] RI o(quuose 
[ata oT] JE SOSINU GAT TIA} puv Pury Tar 
Yors ay} 10} SUONVPOUTULOIOG Jo Jseq EYT—'S “A 
jars 0} pAvsal YIFA Seotiatajar Jsoq oL— a “N 
‘moasinmg pus werorsé 
NOLONISUVH “U Js toA0uR Fy Woy sdo 

AoO 8 WOU UEABT “AC He [TCO saumorpind tory 
‘ XL 

Layns Itey} 0} Joret Apaads ttodn Apex 4 ipa 

tl ‘sorddure JuBiousr Aq posoysrarurpy Sun} | ¢. 
mb wo.1y 10 ‘pasaysturmapy AT}UaUyWoOUL Aino.1oUL hgh 
a pq olf} Wo1y SULIayns asoy} pues i) c 
orgs oq ABUL OYAL [[B ULO.1F [[VO B S}rOL[OS “AT “IC 
‘saumty, wopuoTJ—‘oq Avut Loy} SuTpUeys 
‘oUt] BPR poUTB} Tos sugsied QNNT JO sprveadn o.t 
aya ‘aopuo’y Uf [ujdso yy YooryT paye.tqaloo oq} Sur 
UBpsUg Ur oprA our} sry Jo avd ynois & pa}OAgp 
AM JO PIOUTLd.1] Vyy OF ‘sosBasIP [Batata A OPVUT}S 
oor Sarpuvys Sao Jo ano olf} 1OF worpeynd 
; Fasumy poures ose sey NOLONINNVA ad | ‘YE P 


ysdurryy MeN ]—poouerodxour pus Sunoé wor 
eq jatoos Wor Suarstie ‘AppIqeqd [e1ewIH pur |" 4 
NX ‘siurejdurog sary ‘say oy} Jo sesto om 
) BUrMOTTOF ou Sutano uy pusy[Eys Aue ~_ : 
ayoud “FY “Aq = “}e Burpray ay} Jo so[drourard ee Ht 
Moy Jou Op Aoy} usa ‘aouoLos [vOrPeUt OF Sas 
oad ywor8 Faryeut ‘spraeutosy}.10A pV Sarjsussip Wyte reeze) 
Jo sodvdsMat ou} pa[y sivos Wades IO XTs sv Oty 
7 OTM os0y} nq ‘aorsseyoid [vorpout oy} [[B Weour 
siapun oq 0} YSIM Joussvop “H Id ‘syount) Jo 
Suy ‘Wet{} Suowey paonpo.yur oq plnot 
hi AYJpuay ouLOs oUF sf JF Jeqy ‘sumnI BT Cr 
d ajqvaostur pus ‘sourupeul popuajord Aq paateoop eh 
T} eavy youu os 4 *<pao AyruvurntTy JO DB ay awa 
Tipe p AEA RE SET a 

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De gt_Ap-nomre, xa WAT 
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Ol Ytton Wal threw 2 43 Bentis ¢ thangs, 


ths Be, / Apucheafeads EM dasha tle Mi O 

G Je whit nwe — Sra 4 
lil. Stored os Lh. L Dbeyettlep file be ae 

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OA Sew Vg, 40S 0, a 

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Lrsdias eae e470. Cre fa Lita Ll bee. Erne ae ily 
Mb Ae Ly copapt ho fGeces Les ELEC Ge , ett, 2g Cid CLLLELP 
¢ Viz Moncce tn C2 00h SAM ea ce OD. BFE. ok 
fI0Yb Ib Nhe VEC Ce tind Coes pp et Ys tes Li 
us On Jie Gibb 0. pte: fee ieottce: tcc Gea Live 
Aire J gD (Goetze Mire SIE “D \ halo CAE aa as 
eA oie Le LAD PRE. ee fe LIKE Bebb CA dee hon 
Ae IL Pisenattic f 2 Ge: Leg Z Lh agedad occas 
ye a eich LD DML fiin, 428 bbb hal tet Yor wo 

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<a LARC, ae De ec Ok Ze hee aaa / a 
Fez : ite ft AN AG. Kez Lp J SA 29 74. ae | Le, V4 # 
Sp one Bs tba {50 Le, at LA: hea 
ec / lib Sor Ay Lp ird® 24, B30 tg (7 
B7 on 2, pers Gt ditls fe eg S50 hf, Lt. leh ay 
te aiff 2 ah Aba, xe 25, Ld ly, itt 
idle, Shee Po BMA. zea CE! vee! oe 4Ahy ga 
SW bons (Lee 4a Yo, ctl a Cats tteale th A 

a Der : Ltt ( latex flaw boll Vhidh veia ee Ly he 
AMC Abe db A 3 Ce a cable Lh Mul 40, SIUC. iad Ya 
tl itt Hit C4 € ie Yuet 21358 Ga Lloveg ta bate 

heel afte i eek Gciac, C0 Clem ae gl A Ao Ze 
f fe Fe Z hee wf Babies Gok LEG ics te 
Nx D6, Jam. bli, yr y ee tsecucs: A 


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lath. Z the Led. May ake [S84 for The Be ee Mer 

DY, ua B46, AtCOK ae’ seg, METS 
Wore ie ee Meh b, Fa hi Ge ili 
oe i Cle ti feos « pes JO 7td¢ 
Co COLE Cal? fo bee? hep ALC BA Feteese 
Cope”, AeA Hiesiga nui Jehe ZLEGO. 4p thr 

tec lp. Lily tt, Lid Hi, Zt Meg7e) (Mee: A L209. FO 
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oot yee 3 aa Log rap ‘ip 
tp pa tices till, ALetted taser Poe ak 
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LE May: Zo ie ees oe 

cet ee SHE 4 tec eral 

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beseetll es ee J ee nge CP Ca Cn 
gaps C22 2 howl thee ae Cele 
atts Gb de Gee Micir flatts lites gest Hi “Sag 
Last “6 4 Lgl Hi 4/0 J Z AM eaipe olla (es et 
e a La. aes LO% i fev €- Hie, pp 

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To SE << Gf. Lk faL CE LOO AEs Sey SOOO SORE A ot 
ef. op gor Ootiele Catin Sith icm cle sft der 


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‘Me $60 bh Hs eee. dash att ile, Ld soon 
Wgecthicl Mul 2 1, few Cuehothe SS, Me ccat joer Puig Cckele 
Lem a Gt Mirglole Soy, ee Qldt. ccflert 
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fatty Sor 2). tig Mla lel Bae zal bees ShMhcd (to 
telel Y Vier Tipcatlin eles CeK 0) Jew Set Engh Ts 
, za a A Age, foe aatthn beaten $ Bit d ows et, peor tly, 
Ze 5s PA caicie Glens Jtvnttile, ines vie aa a Lheitbecs 
39 SS ey On ap oe 
= toe 1 is tobalih oe bse ea Vege 

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RS Vnthes Sz LL waht iy bE OY er dc A Iaesfe 
Oy a et tregihe 9, cleiw, “Werte posh Bbed 

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Wp. AIO? HW, Nae ee Qeiekatord YS bf. J 60 M~ Y/ te 
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One y Cif. ooo 44 lb. SESE. rs ot? 2 Wes Z € | 
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eee tas Ver iG D5 nee Ses: ae Op SESH 4c 
Me. YI SE MIA RD EO L400 LiL ie 

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ee. eee ifr” « Lf 4. eg ie le if CHL CZ 
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ht de: je 07H LE: oi fe Mises Spge dal Lea” < 
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hi ae Ctclie. eas oe Sine AA LO, Fou < laa 
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ty, Ie MU the Dome Koei tfficer Vhoid fear Ee: Za go LO 
lie. By pes ge pe ALAA A Se a OL ¢0 ea li 
tee a) Htete. 16 St ¢ lp. é , tthe. Et Yan Seo: ~<a 4 Oy ; 
Oe Lich Yh. Ah cececed id. dea See Clretce, Ci LL 
SEA lev Col 22, ee 4 = Yes theg LL AL 
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My ttth 17 bt Yar gic tame flee Lordi ae 
ee or Z, aa Al 4, Jb Shit, yf AYtn haley C al 
“Sees bifh Uacly ALZ hel he. ae Aly, Ly, 24, wh 
cas Laced 444 Se pith OR Fee bere oe tg yA? 2 0K4 4 
Jick: grin os Lh 9 celles AP es 

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EWIGH, Peach Orchard, Rainbow, Franklin, Jackson, 

aud many other varieties of Coal-of the most approv i 
inds, now in dry shed in prime order, sling at low 
pier rates. Orders deposited in our order box at the 
ce of the Parker House, will receive prompt attentions 

J. H. PERRY & CO- 

LL persons having bills against the estate of ALEX 

| GIBBS, are requested to call upon the undersigned 
settlement. ap9-tf CORNELIUS HOWLAND 


apt iworton, 0 cI Star, has completely 

| covered from the severe illness occasioned by some pa 
) being mixed with a cake, by the steward. The ste 

| was one «f the gang,who, in company with the third y 

| Stole a boat and craft from the Morning Star, off 

| head. The boat has been captured with the craft. The 

| Were taken a few days ago and are strongly ironed ig 

calaboose. The steward died previous to reaching} 
shore—his death was caused by a (all in the boat, in 

| act of which, his knife pierced his body, and he died 
jafter. Capt Norton will give amore detailed accoun 

the horrid affair. 

fz are again in good supply of Putty of our 
own manufacture, which we offer at very fair 
d3l J. WH. PERRY & CO. 

ST received a large invoice of French Glass 
taking our a: sortment in sizes and quality very com- 
,; Which is offered at recuced rates . 
; J.H. PERRY & 
[E have now in store a larger stock of Glass 

“| than was ever before offered in this city, compris- 
“he various sizes and qualities of late importations 



Capt Norton, of bark Morning Star, of NB, returned 
on the 7th, having Leen poisoned by the steward of his 
ship, who run away with a Loat and six of the crew. The 
tatter, including the third mate and five men, were sub- 
sequently captured and imprigoned. they say that th 
steward, while in the act Ol getting into the boat, f 

and having the ship's Ving knifein the waistband 
his trousers, struck upon itand cut his bowels open,whi 
Caused his death in two hours aiter, when they th 

him overboard. The case will be thorough|ly investi 

ed. Capt Norton is now considered out of danger, a 
will join the ship (whichis out on a whale cruise 
charge of the mate) upon her return here. ‘The stew 

Who poisoued Capt N, was a New Holand convict, an 
x Dglishman. 

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[From the Sydney Herald Jan. 21.] 

The following letter, addressed to the editor of 

| the Herald, by Capt. Hugh Mair, of the schooner 

Ariel, has been handed to us by Capt. Devlin, of 
the Rebecca, now lying at this port :— 

«I beg to inform you that I anchored at _Ru- 
bina (Solomon Islands) on the 10th of November, 
and onthe following day the schooner Ariel, 
Slater master, arrived at the same place, having 
| touched at Treasury Island three days previous- 

ly... Lhe. mate.of the, Ariel, told. me. that he had 
reason to believe that the American whaling ship 

Superior, of New Bedford, Woods master, had 
been taken at the last named place. I thereupon 
immediately. got. underweigh and proceeded to 

Creasury Island, where the natives, as usual, 

came on boardin considerable numbers, and dur- 

ng the whole day were coming and going, bu 

lid not offer anything forsale. This gave rise to 

ereased suspicion, and finding but too much 
zrounds for my misgivings, I called one of the 

| chiefs into the cabin, and told him that I knew oj 
their having taken the ship and murdered th: 
vrew, and that it was of no use for him to deny 
the fact. The man then confessed that it was the 
ease, but said he had had no hand in it, which ] 
afterwards found to be partly true. The next 
day the natives brought part of the ship’s sails 
(all cut up), and several more articles which they | 
vanted to sell; amongst the rest was the ship’s | 
log book. ‘That day I found out that six of the 
crew were prisoners upon the Island, and [at] 
ynce set about trying to get possession of them. | 

For three days more I cruised off the island, hav- | 

ng the natives backwards and forward during } 
that time. I went tothe beach occasionally, and | 

-ould see the men, but on every occasion they | 

were strongly guarded. 

None of the principal natives coming on board, | 
1s a last resource I bad to secure a native who 
was related to one of the head chiefs. I put him 
m irons, and next morning I took him ashore, 
ind again offered the natives to pay them for th 
men, They agreed at last to let me have one, 
who, on coming to my boat, gave me the dread- 
ul intelligence that the whole of the crew o! 
he Superior, with the exception of himself and 
ive others, had been murdered and the shi} 
surnt. It seems there are two chicfe implicated, 
Copan, the head man, and Ameriea the next. 
My prisoner being a relative to America, I re- 
olved to keep him until I got the other two mer 
he chief had, (for each of the two chiefs had, i) 
seems, two men,) andI was finally successful 
ifter a great deal of trouble. ‘The three men. 
1owever, whom Copan had, possession of, Icould 

; 1ot get either by persuasion or by threats. A 
tight I proceeded to the anchorage, where tht 
ship had been taken, and remained there tw 
lays. I saw no natives, but I found the ship’: | 
jibboom on the beach, together with pieces of | 
yurnt timber, staves, &c. 1 

The Superior made ‘Treasury Istand on the 
12th of September, 1860, and came to anchot } 
here on the same day. On the 13th, 14th and J 
15th of that month the crew were employed in 
vooding and watering, and, from the men’s | 
statement, were visited by a great number ol 
aatives armed. 

«(m Sunday, the 16th, nine of the crew wen! 
shore. The carpenter and two men went to th: } 
‘ettlement and were murdered in one of the na- 
ive huts. The natives then proceeded, in canoe: 
ind overland, to the ship, and those who cam: 
vy land fell in with the remaining six close to 
he beach and murdered them. About one hun- 
ired and fifty natives got on board the vessel anc 
nade a rush on the crew who were all on dech 
except four, who were in bed. Those on deck 
vere immediately tomahawked, only two escap- 
ng by jumping down the main hatchway and join- 
ng the four below in the forecastle. One of th: 
ew, whom I recovered, saw the captain and 
cond mate murdered by a native called * Billy,’ 
vho has been to Sydney, and speaks Englis) 
well. ‘The chief Copan was the principal in this 
ireadful massacre. The six men below being 
irmed with lances, kept the natives from coming 
lown the forecastle, until at last ‘* Billy” tole 
ny informant that if they came up they should 
iot be hurt. At length, therefore, they did so, 
ind were at once surrounded, and by the chic! 
Sopan ordered to be put to death. The chici 
America offered to buy three of the men, and hi 
versuaded Copan to keep the other three to til) 
she ground. ‘These three, as I have already inti 
nated, I could not recover, The three men 0 
yoard my vessel say they were well treated by 
he chief America, and they tell me that the na 
ive « Billy” was at the taking of the sehoone) 
Pearl, where I am now at anchor, about cightee: 
nonths before this happened, It is said that he j 
vent over to Treasury Island in the Superior. | 
ind had an opportunity of seeing that ther: 
were no arms kept; there being only seven old 
dint guns, and none of them loaded when th: 
ship was taken. 

Twenty-six men were butchered in cold blood, 
:mongst them was a poor lad ten years of age— 

he crew consisting of thirty-two soule when she | 
wnchored. ‘Lhe natives took five boats, with a 
quantity of cordage and sails which were all cut 
up, and everything else was destyoyed by setting 
che ship on fire. Lhe Superior had on board 150 
barrels of sperm and 160 barrels of right whal 
‘il. In November last she was in Honolulu, and 
shipped in the Midas, for the United States, 2685 
younds of bone, 0 barrels of sperm and 230 
yarrels of whale oil, as shown by her log in my 
possession. HUGH MAIR. 

Rumana, Solomon Islands, Nov. 20, 
wis oe Re eS oil 

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tail st TURMWOS [[B SssIppe UCU AM 03 pu 
te de Wie aoe OY} 8I0A09 cmnpdaiie coeass 
EN NES NHOC ‘0 worspara 9 rapuy 
uss Mont Getem owen dus Tvioede oy} capuyy 

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PdeT[et eq Ted Ady? 18y MOY apni I tm & 
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ved PUB Oo. aey pus say sow 
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*daar1g jo ssery 
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sila osayy ‘SozTtTAA Pus sorraqeAP xv TT OU} JO WORT 
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‘arog B syueQ AULT ed 
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A lettetijrom Capt Mare; of ship Ed, B3enney, of Fair- 
haven, dated at-Manila Dec [0th, reports her arrival there 
the day previous from Guam, for repairs, not being able to 
procure them at the latter port. Capt M writes as follows : 
Having finished the Japan cruise, and being bound to Guain 
with 550 bbie sp oil on board, we met with a terrible hur- 
ricane on the 8th of Oct, 1857, in lat 14 N, lon 145 25 E, 
nearly between Guam and Rota. The gale commenced at 
9 4 M.withi the wind NNW, and increasing, but the weath- 
er looked nothing more than is usual in a common gale. 
At noon, however, the barometer still falling, put the ship 
under double reefed topsails. At 2 ™, took in all sail to 
fore, main and mizzen staysails. At4rM, the ship wa 
thrown almost on her beam ends, lost the starboard boat 
and davits, and blew away the staysails. But this heavy 
wind soon passed and moderated so as to let the ship come 
up. At5:20 Pr m, the wind died entirely away, but the bar- 
ometer still went down and the weather looked ver bad. 
During this interval of calm, furled some ot the sails which 
were blown out of the gaskets, and secured the remaining 
boats as well as we could. At 6:10 rm, the wind struck 
us from SSE, exactly on the opposite point of the compass, 
and in a few moments, all the boats and davits on the lar- 

) hoard side were gone. The barometer had now fallen to | 
27.68 inches, and apprehending a terrible gale, prepared to | 
cut away the masts if necessary At about7 PM, the ship | 
was completely on her beam ends, and being on the star 
board tack, the cabin doors were stove in by the sea, and 
the water rushed down by tuns. Knowing that the ship 
must soon become water-logged in the c ndition lich 
she was now in, I sent the mate to cut away the mizzen 
rigging, Which he did, and the mast broke off about 3 feet | 
above the deck, breaking and tearing out the forward part 

| the deck cabin, (house on deck.) The ship did not feel the 
loss of this spar and did not right any. We now cut away 
the maintopmast and topgallant backstaye, and the main- 
topmast went out in the cap; we suppos i the head of the 
foremast went about the same time. he ship righted 
some. The 2d mate, through a misunderstanding, cut | 
away all the rigging on the mainmast, yet notwithstanding 
the whole weight of the broken spars and force of the 
wind, the mast stood through it, but tore and split the 
partners. About 11 pe Mm, the ship righted so that we could 
work the pumps, and in four hours freed her of water. 
The broken spars broke down the rail and fore scuttle, 
and lost galley, stove, and every thing off deck, tore and 
gouged the sheathing and copper very inuch, and in short 
the ship was made to look old in a very short time. At 
daylight found ourselves directly to the windward of Rota, | 
114 miles distant, Seeing that the ship must go ashore in | 
the condition in which we were then, we cut away every- 
thing hanging to her, gotup & forestaysail, and wore round 
to the SW, which would head us off the land more. We 
soon got the main yard in working order, got up & foresail 
and bentit on it, and succeeded in clearing the land, not 
more than half a mile off. On the 10th, had very light 
winds, SW, right ahead, and got foresail, mainsail, and 
main topgallant sail overthe main yard, and 3 staysails. 
Guam being in sight, expected to arrive there in a day or 
two. The only sound spars left are the mainmast, bow- 
sprit, fore and main yards, and not an old sail left that was 
bent. Both tops were broke and lost, and the fore trussel- 
trees split and torn to pieces. Not a boat left or a davit 
standing. Arrived at Guam on the 14th, 6 days after the 
disaster, and not being able to complete repairs there, eld 
for Manila, rigged as & brig, carrying maintopsail and top- 
gallantsail. and main topgallant sail tor @ fo stopsail, 3 
staysaile, 2 Jibs, and a spanker bent for 4 main tryaail. 
Succeeded in buying some boata at Guam, of some ships 
there, and with the spare boat that was left there ashore, 
can make out. Ar at Manila Dec 9th, having been beealm- 
ed off the W shore of Luzon. Capt M states thathe could 
get rigging and spars and would commence to fit the ship 
immediately, but feared that it would take 2/4 months, ow- 
ing to the holidays which were very plenty at that season 
of the year. ws 

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Toy BPUNOAA suarptiys Wo 88208 spury 11% | “° 

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tgaminbsom Jo send ‘sure [qty 
neyH ues “SPltd ‘mop eurure B 
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GoL22¢ ee S, 372 Lo ree ttl JZdO Eft fp Ler tH ti-teo : 
Mel Z, 7 Lee hale Jah pe ett Y eae atl wit oy | 
May 20, fer cs Leet ees Litrece Any ? Beh licfel f 20 

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‘953 fh, HuLit of fayel, | 

awk: Migihe of Weetlted Merag Wills tit, 

We have received, says the Commercial Awe 
Viet Cel. SE SC, fa 

tiser, from Capt. Whiteside, of the Condor, the fol:' 
lowing account of the melancholy loss of the PC} 
named vessel in the ~Ochotsk Sea, on the 18th of |. 
October : 2 Y IC. “¥He JRA a 
Mr. M. H, Warrney—Sir: —Thinking you 8 would JZ. : 
wish to learn all the particulars connected with | / ae. ; /autttines 
the joss of the bark Rajah, Capt. Stewart, I here- |" ecet 
with send you all I have been able to learn from 22 oe fs Ge > 
Lonf 22.0470 50 Goo ae tla 
: M., on the 18th, discovered land’ all along under ee Se Fe 
Mis AtEee i LOE eta the lee. He immediately wore ship, but could not G & i 
Ze head clear of the point. It blowing very hard, the fF > 
A \ SL ~ ship made no headway, and was thrown broadside Ae C7 LL. a 
YW 2 gp a of o fe SO OYE on shore, and in less than five minut:s broke up OY 
A240 Y Fi Ya Lege vA Le CO 4 

ey A) Od. LELCL th, Vs 
Mh teat Cc ; NMP OL é C274 

(2 tit bpe OS, iy 
Sgt Core. buf Yee 

and was heading to the eastward, At8o’clock A. 

and buried ; Jobn Glass, of Guam, found and’ A 

buried ; John Spanish, of Talcabuano, found and}“) .@42 Zz 
buried. I remain very respectfully, etc., 
8. H. ene Master Ship Condor, — 

the survivors. The wreck took place on the N, W. 
end of Big Shantar Island during a heavy gale 
from the N. E. with snow. On the 17th, Capt. 
| Stewart supposed his ship was thirty or forty 
miles to the northward of the Islands, and was ly- 
ing to under close reefed main topsail and reefed 
foreaail (he had previously lost his fore top- -mast,) 
Out of twenty-six men on board, only thirteen es. “ae, ei 
cenped alive. On the 22d I succeeded in taking off oD, a WY, VL ft 
the survivors and about 200 bbls. oil. 
The following is a correct list of the lost : Capt. Gp ey ZZ 
Gos Be Leon Ftp Ansel Stewart, of Fairhaven, Mass., found and A fl Uae CLD Os 
buried ; lst mate, Thos, Hamblin, of Falmouth, aaa 
Mass., ‘cooper ; Johu Fawcett, of Catskill, N. Y.; Cele: 
He vio. are ae CoA a John Moran, of Troy, N. Y., found and buried ; Ceo Coe 
Chas. G. Gould, of New Bedford ; Andrew Delaney, 
of New York city; Andrew J. ‘Hadley, of North- 
one ak peso Bo Bs AG field, Vt.; Frank Jacet, of Flores, Western Islands; 
Joe King, of Flores, Western Islands; Manuel An-)> _ 
Cy / 1 654 tone, of St. George, Western Islands, found and 7 / w 
. OLD FEF “<< “ Abuaried; Frank, of Pico, Western Islands, found : 
Z ps y f 7 
; 45 SILL LEE, a¢ coe is 
a F 
Jick cre oO Se Cite. ML 4 /8f Li 
ee, Cdinetil A Soe. Le Aci J ty LIE Ga Lotte 
gighe Jey Li LALA EL. ee Lt, i 2 
J — p 
MA “ie, at SP ar oiy JD 0 Lp + Me Gor = ee a ae 
Bs Dt Go Kai ape VA Vy A oe > Cbs Fed hey, oe Zé Ce. re a LA A. Wipcre- 
is CA 
Atxpe, Aap. ZZ Hetis ee ¢ Med YM bacon _ “#4 

Ve Ce Cryage Id eg Y hh, of CALE: | filha LE an oe 
Me ttHh. ‘ ee Ge Oa aoe e 
| We toc cd ae BLD: ma Clee | JE EG! i, 

eae Cy A lees f EcCiffea ge ‘Vit Lag Mh 
LP OG Zp Z Oo L Cd CLE Atte ZB, Veg LA AI Ca fet tbo. Bias, e% 
ANA ther Aipiv Geer farnd A CaF SZ, YL Giro ag ODP). Le Yu Ya 4 

4 , 

Coed td biraL cas pati.» hiihfeue 204s bftce Oot Jowe 4 
acute bly abe if Puctfe Ge hy. Guecho Clee ZS IDLE g . ane ae 
Cig 24, 23 thy be Ze + Ot te A He Clin, 
Yio S Sf oo ae | 

fherk CL , fe J id oe AE, ox CEE. Se Jd As {7 on Cie cP 

Jf 4 Z A 

Jed 3 JO Sf (Alot IZ ictteanen et oO oe Cif. i dtp hac Gapease FLY | 
. | 
a ht Hh h, solemn Ae A Shorea Nba ¢ te barece G4 TAP teJtte Lf the 

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oer A Soon fi 7 Sse $e te f, 29. een rn 44 Lod 64. A 5 he haf, ZF, JOA 7 

btict aagll yy, ! Hbres a a A bby /3 Mi Ws tu L062, | Dalntagh 
ip Lines Bi ak doccbe OeLES, Lasiba fee ee a4 tf SE”, 

ws “1sa00d NI. 7 a 
“488T NI “oon am 

dh Mii 

ST CC ticle #0: ‘S72 
2 A Mead. Gey Lid SALE: = s die ‘a Z ok 
Mtl aati’ Plpeease. i Cit. HK 2 + 
oe at. pach. Mi Z Pe A big 
Co ltlex flor. bafh ape 7, . 

pref i lone. Ares Sad 

We seretaedt i O42 ae ; 
ae co Chote, Ze Gi A ad. Hip ted 
GZ ees CeZ~ Soa Ste Mob 1 See ee ca Con ee 
Sb SEEE, eee 
SS Die tagetei Cd le tr: wan Jt Bd ie ve ee 
MiMi Mad t Reece ao Googr1o.-214 Lioe Clcegle Ne foes is ; 

hack door leit § Za he lege — 

7 Chesed Mesa tavivat Jat 4 4 07 Sl 
| pia nF f= Lal tA 2A A Liseg) 4D LE Zi 
oe C Ieia ZZ, MiGs LO fone Zee 
ee oes Wh devh badthtd Atty, Fe ofl AO, 
SPU. TS a ee. WED Meds , xe Moo oc Ol 
Bess 4 22 SHG Siaetigi ete @ CL -7a2 hus a eid Meinl” tee 
Mi Ce Ciyage SDL PEE ie od Dd SEG. \ ttsod CL. a me 
Mbit GY E7 Deca s a 

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© Oh Alice d Lett he i Fp: ors, 
A Pie. Viegas Htc Q Voor, hae. 
To Lee AL Lew Zoe Gow OF kat 4. Mbirug 6 ty tic Lede We 
b eet pt? oie vere’ CC an OES, We Yfecer Ge J 
ach UipalAC Y theitffert p. Aire Clee tt IDL: 4 Jaga 
, Mie de Lah fiigipce free a “1 Ch ihet Iongal a A Ze 
oe Gece lah yi: ag: LC Ze 47? ofan ee lait 
by. 4 A50 Lg 9G i bt, Kfie® IALGb fice Lb, FbA 
hice Hac: wth Howe bt A, wnndde cofevs (a de a 
ofeeity faux OE fect 29, pad. Sch. eae A bab, 28, 50a 

4ews, 59a oA jp Mires Tae ha te Me ede <2, ee 

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hah BZ: of Sel th Hoye bo yy 
ty Thc: ee ea (0. LIE is 4h. Bob: ¥r ee rod, 

WAT Le , Zable: ae Gog 2 
y ae as SO0 pa dase i t_ttglOlG 
C1 Cate ees Let ML LG BI tee leaf 
ey 2 Dadian s 
gy Alle j (ijt Lt, Abeced ae Mjecdo S40 
to jf He, Slots fluad d Li pies 
; Geb Cttie Mgt td “Ll? coed Mibea 
Metin leg rfc wi BLM LiLo 
Pe, Cjpecca, I Gt G ZO%0 
AIP Niclena: bbe ZZ te i LD Mew 
ee LPO te 
a S 4 Goon ) cpp Metin, Deez 40, Lh4 0 [i by 
, ee ad Lyreg 10€ 200 OL 
Zo. eG i Wb, = je oe jp Miekiaged 
CC 448 C, Atd2 ey re ine bey Sa re gt 
Z by 9 PS hike bite C5 GAGS c GLE 
ZC}, Gi deen ee ae “ tas bel. 
Pettheg Aethe. Gee Goad x Foust Za 
, 420 hfe, ft Me, or adet, 

a a fe A eee 

a: os : a A vif fe 
Lg Gia bd Uy Le, yy a, 

eee i Mlb GL 
Ks irae LEG) el EL is CL (ceed. ; 
eons V Cp) Pb bla OY OE, 

eH; YALE fee 

Z y zs ease Mie fla 
| f Visttecifice’ kd. Vier ap 
CLL A, lft bale 
tfeg Log tit Li 

te fes2 LE AIL, 



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- O/ , 
ane Lif a ‘, tl 
o Li “CC 

Ly yy, ea Ae yf Netter Micducee Ibecheg | , ee | 

jas La ee oe Tipe Paar se. Se Fas, 
‘Cit tess Y balls ciped 48, C4 EGE: cer go Off. r= | 
be WE: Be 1 Gche o oer Off Lisp se A fie 2 | 
Wiech Pt lake, EAL € S31 $0 Gl. Fea 4 Lech a 
ieee ed 122. ase Wt, uth. Bl eb pace, oa’ 
ms oe 4fe» aie (ayy of Jom 2 2b Ockb S70 $, A 7 CL 7 ; 
SOD bie “ Scho ec en pi ose IOC the 2 « on Diodhie’ ‘a 
ae LLf4b Att» ade, ME Di lecte sa, Oe. fee a 
Di Stade teltlle, Lnil@ 0 See di ore Ge. gO 
dill Vel Mb Mg bit: bt c— 
Va ee LP aa ety eae fe Parle crs Kiaa See ee 

ectiy tee Jaty/j LO BE oe ae er 
EDIRNE foe ip file “be 

L aD aa Oe Bion ess — ‘ 

ges i Lice At 7 a eg Bee aad 

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beet Life ce Lad Ol cer Grated a ca ; 

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a ae IO? Lobe 2 fifa 5 <= “a 
rr nese ne £7 aaa oo (go MA Uae 
25h G6 Lh thecle Abs 25, erie | 
SDSS Or Aires bh pedi: (ee tania ips oD atten: «Gps a 
Dn “Soe SUtlA Mee en OL Doe Oe mene r-- 7 
ee 7 ce Lboonter ya = apelin 7 
Tees tick FAO Me Deccan mae oe * 

Cent tae clermnntner guage aac aie 
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Gach: te cle Lah Yt Lo JaAL. 700 L0 Ob lillez. Leda 

“ep: v2 1 of bape Al ctds ae 15, 0, via 2 ie a 

ae ae (flit. 200 Le. Colitt; 
W L 1h tite ff, 

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4 wae “ $user av we eh ai Hil Lb 

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Le Qe a Si Ly 
MO; eee Za A’ Joel, orthicter 

MO Hatt HE tet PED hhceu all 

Pete aeihis Pa Z LLL, EM LL a 
a LO“. Lif eve ee Cee Cie Ue oa 
a Opibialijeager A tity 
iid Z oe Lb a2 Se Fre 
Se oe pare 

ee oe Ghar Mies £2 

ee LE, ie oe 
oo. EEE Latte es 
; ree dic Le 34 Gates 

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aes hoc vant#ib 

ft gio sei Cee (Zi Jd ad fer Ore « Dace oe 
tebyESIIO IP tg he i eee 

oe Ces Zoe ey. doe tteal Cecciee 

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fein Cle Ho P2&%¢: Sugg 
Lally) CLG AA AB etic 2a Sb be ZOU 

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Of feet ee 7 Med th tht Has tte 

> OP) 5 oh OS, a Ofelah ee 

fe. ee 300 th, Zhe 
: esse Mase fev tb Mob, 
Lie Lacie tte, lit Jrrube, 
eee Gig pe Gf, yoo Ale, Msp 
| re > Lh He lea. le tele-00- ad 
BAL S62 edt B 00 10s bere 

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f@ A nel ae ort. 
2g oe. D. —e ae ae 
Doe G0 bf atl Pel’ » Bre i eae LE oe 
opectect ol ets ete 4. MAL ots huusrtoa 
lohe puri Lb.LER g2 iM hug, 52. fbUt BBE ate 
al fz A hig \ 4 la pogt ie 
Lb Li, La re pou Pee et lle | B ——— a pet f 
Bus ee wt ctl bit HLS © ee M4 be 0 H4é# 2tiete 
, ts ‘Ctl’. bul io. Sb ees SHES ve a 5 
Vi hati: Ceb.are 24 Mergthed he, Loyd. eo 
ep lLecF SLI LGAE Leceroer Abibibce A ae 
beeD home Co 7 Laos | Gil tea: A < 


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by tif ZO, , Lit 1, Sa Gee Gicce, 
He 4 WLM <a. diiche Clog DZt, S Pecan 
a, hb toe Ae Goi dr be ie? LEZ. . cm Ae es oe 
% delet “peak fag a fo a Wi 
Ce; pee aa jee, Led Jb S00. tie. a 
52% f2 Cttthdo. ¢ aye Ao off Maver ALE i. A 

ae Gi Biting oo ee A tage 
ZL tA reg Lp feb. L260 LiL oop ae 
oe Leo fe. A Gb He Gen ofiet é: Sle fon Z ae 
HA wD ne “Fare 2 ag Li Cate oe 
ee ZA a 333 = 
Geetrecee Cut tn hidh. ete f tee we tl, Ns he 

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Lepit il stel Si hae SY, ma asfled a tad 
Gc ltyfiedg se MU ecitaVevee- see Kher ta Gi. ee Lat o 
C00 A/, Yuh flav [4 MEL, Seo Lat AM Lar watt be tbh. GE 

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Mac naanta Fer G@ LO CIE. @. Lec ftage Ida yi 

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ised 00D J La YA Sorep Go 
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Lijcno) Bet Hae si GLEE 
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24. ea ag Sy eae iia ye a o 

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46 F024. 

leaf A See be ae ee 
€ Zo hii Ze ME 7 yr eo. ys ’ hecho (he Mag Lae 
LLG iG oe es 
bec Cie I ep (sare Jee Giecipe: 440 aa Mbaee 
Ze Yoo" Lieitoe VA, CLC eae 

be thE ie he Mies 
page tt DIET KE 
eter Gimme ™ 
we C2LE = eo BLOC LE sie 
Mec, Z GZ. Ab: Zes1g/ IA ZR fl 2 
Zp a 7 a A Lapin 
yee Mee tte ech. licejpeh 4 she 
A Heg Lt. CeceeCeed Fe Leir Ct 
eg Cp Mee foce ae ‘E ess oie WE GSD a 
| ee hie thea At ae ee Gli set 
So 200 4p, jin th, Ade ee 
Yt tc Long 4 dtd La fl dox JOE » pars 
7 Lee? c g ee: GH Mhcwvee FT SUE Ch ACL pe Poatct, te Let 
y eee bate bet F bt” dl fate Slpee 

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teed De LL, L ELL LO Life fede 

_ Gectie Hag 00. 447 Lt Cereg F016 teas 
ics 2 Ye, Page boi, 
ee A 2ge Gel, 


g then t too rough to lower ‘ it i 
gree of safety. At 1p: mi, ti Tom " 
to present oppor 
ple 4 trial trip to:the. ship (she. ae 
lose to) to see if a boat, could, —_— to ret i 
in safe commen ferr 
Pier 25 - getting them —_ sion : 
the ship safely i ia _trips., We —~ —s 
water still gai end the crew completely — 
fed. 3 hing had been cooked on. board our ¥ : 
A for three days, and all we had to eat was bread “a J 
water. All now became to. leave ne si (Zp : 
Z ; called all hands, and not one W willing to ris ~“e 
— Jiife i in the bark, but prepared to leave her; we m 

‘abandon her to.saye our lives—we did leave her ae : a tofee (2 
arrivyed,safely on board }the shipthe . ie the fat Tes 
ting on board at 7 p. m., where we ecetve ‘fete x 
7 meal we had'eaten for three days. oe 

N othing was saved, many of the, crew not. honing» eee adicp- 
|a change of clothes, and. the passengers ‘losing 

took the N.By 
en squalls; tried the pumps! 

ing St. Helena, and a 
Strokes of the mp 


TY ‘watch 

) the same in smooth tt, but 

_A More as Tough;. 0° concluded th 

G., ot td gf Was.all,.or nearlyall above water; Figked the 

Pg | stages and caulked all we could get! at, after oe 

4 the leak Continued about out the same ag when ‘first = 
é covered, April (28, lat. 85 40 N. lony 72 80'W., 

& gales from’S.B, +> running N, W. 

by N.,; under all gai] until noon, when we began to 
shorten sail, and at 2 P.M. ‘hove to under close reefed’ 

e - at Le at’? PM» took) in main 

topsail ‘and hove to 
ee main spencer/and topmast staysails, the wing 
J / dlowing a heavy: ‘gale’ from’ E. Apr 

il 29th, at 8'A.M., " 
| Wind N.N.B, +, Wore to BE, 
‘| Cer, it now blowing a hu 


| their baggage except a few changes of ladies’ ph ab tica 
Cer} |ing. - When we left the bark she had’ three feet 6 

-, and lost ‘staysail and spen- 

> | water in the hold, and i increasing, pen au Mer 
Tricane, the ship leaking 150 Prec c| we kept the pumps constantly going Biktib ehh: 
-_| to 800 strokes per hour, but at noon kept one pump teks had returned. 9 ife, Coe ee 
constantly Soing; lost waist and starboard boats; at |/ - ‘The passengers are John Bagley, Esq. his wife, 4 : of 
pa e oe 6 PM. 5 Sprung the Tudder; found a leak on the lar-. | fo four ine and two Henchierh, 4 native of Bt. lala di, ee <¥ 
ECCLS 5 4 board bow, under the forecastle; filled-30 bbls, ‘Water | ak who left their native be t ete resi a boty 
ay, ee | oho ena taatter to “a an Teak outs, found’ ‘another on in New Bedford. — ' 
ft, a {| the starboard $ide abaft the fore chains, five feet under, 


; Capt: Woodward,’ the above made 
| 8 passengers, 5 of them | Cae second mate and six of the crew, were ‘subsequen 
Ap C6 70LL7 ladies, land set them Picking ‘oakum, and gangs of taken jon boird ‘ batk ‘Tania, trot’! Pérhanibido, ” 
oft D ee caulking fear ate and by 50° “doing kepi LY. <b ‘ht into Boston, and ‘ atrived | this’ city | last A , 
L707 the’ shi, free until n sea Wash-, | 7 Oe ‘The’ balance of the ¢ wn remained © on Z,, Efe g 
f ps ue “a ne hy at on ae sail‘and: | ) & Jz é board the Moses Wheeler, anid 0 be carried to 7 
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| (OTE Eee eat ieee ee : 
n company wi Hannibal of Landon, y z 
Ly, MEL Lf pre eke Wana Ro rs ane 2 2200 LL PE 

>> On the passage up, south-east of Newfound. GG es ee . 
. me my he took a fifty barrel sperm whale. He| >) 42 od ete Ae 
reac hed Cumberland Inlet Aug. 10th. Ha ent | — Sf he 
“of to the west side of the Inlet at Niatlieandremain- | <4 OS. LK oe Lie 
ae ed till Oct. 9th. But few whales were seen and 

none taken, they being very wild. He then ity. Stared Fate LLGEN 

“ ~~ crossed to Kickerton Island, and went into winter 
quarters, where-he remained frozen into the ice |” > Leet tee, > = 
ean » and doing nothing until April. The ice was fF of s 
_ sometimes four feet thick about the ship, and the oe se sis LZ. 
ee thermometer at 394 below zero. The Captain CFE, oat CLL¢CCLe % 
» obliged the men to exercise themselves every day See ZA Amy LG Hae 
ee 7 by walking a’ distance of two miles around a JOO PII Le FOO Fi ¢ 
_ small island, except on two or three days when oe PA OQ | 
por the cold was so great as to render. ern Zo ; a Chg 
Fe _ dangerous. In April he took thefirst whale, On Sy or Ai ~y 
wy ee the 10th of July he got out of the ice, having ABS SFI o GEA EZ, ee c 
ee ete ; taken up to that date 14 whales, which were cap- 
. tured by boats’ crews venturing among the float- | 
_ ing ice and dragging the blubber across theice to. 
_ the ship on sledges. "The week after breaking out | 

LOL ao a 

ft of the i ice he took 3 more whales, making Riyg all } ZL ; = 
he dy told. He then left and went to Kingwa, further | E E wins Ae geen SH 
D2 Ac I Nia. Saw but few whales and they wild. Re- © “© 77 ~ LZ. Ad Lesbo Ke FF oi 

turned to Niatlic and remained till he left for ae SF oF: 
OA lee Zeer home on the 17th ult, The ice then began to | KA 2 ; Yheb = Cz Lit ee “ca 
formi and he was obliged to leaye to escape oe Be 
Ly 4 ai YZ 5G frozen in ae em: Sees rz LIA “0 4 Pe Ee brea 
‘there. 7 ; ; 
Lb Yo Ly es rs ~ Capt. B.. reports that the vate” was quite Y. 0 Aff 50 WA, C, [250 he Aha Lever) 

2 ~~ good during the summer, but whales not so plenty | to ff ns Bg bf, jf 
IDIf FJ ip,, 98 xvported in\former years: by the Scotch and |{/// a J ills CO2EAE, Heac dh je 
~" “English whalers, about thirty of hom, mostly | 
2 Scotch, wer cruising in| the Straits thi season. |p : é a f Le hte #4, poodle 
ed Lt. 7S tive Be the bling incident Mustrates paaing ete ae 
z ZL “e en r bi i ite TGne a Jb. 
er orthern egi One morning 
“a _doat’s crew left the Ha nibal of New London, as fe oe ee Jae oe ae ae 

77 SUL a . > usual, in pursuit of “About 14 miles from 

td. the ship they killed a whale and were towing it fttirl tit, 2ma oe 

tfptc< < _ to the ice, when. ale ame ees and ere 
Z “obliged to cut from i Ate make; for land about 8 iy eee 
ie piu Miles north of the ship. The crew went ashore Ch bai tthe terad a fleece 
among the natives, b but one of them, a Portuguese, 
dee cn be cise 7 “Whose name is” not recollected, refused to stop, ey i Spb ales 

-saying'that’ he’ owas: going to walk to the ship és: J) 
Ae. SF Hy Urs thaice., But it proved not to be solid, and , os Vilewe ee. Lietde hod 
_ the last seen of him le was drifting North on the oo i 
TL ik. on aa wee AG. peeintamoe could be rendered c, Xs au ZA Ce 42 2 3 inca 

sevthe baa renaenaiacnten iM 39 nH g 

a that has ever visited those regions. The, 
ew Londoners haye in former years sent yes- 

_ sels in this direction and have one or two there 
.»s  Atpresent. The Congress, Capt. Bartlett, was 

s te > “fitted from this port a few years ago for the] 
Teer ‘Straits, but was stove by floating ice on the coast 
1A Ce _ of Labrador and returned. The Daniel Webster 

a -Feturns with 1400 barrels of oil and 17,000 pounds 
of bone, one quarter of the latter er feet | 

Ly yedd lL: sides 
Yeo. J Me ee tran BIS {tbo fe « flee Pee Fee feo, 
Dn 2 oe o soe cet Sia feed‘ LEE i, lit Ym ; 
% ke ir tc fox 4g Itrreetute.s la Attirw 
LOT 21 Cobo ee , iene el. (ase 
Ze, 10th. »boase Geert tae 
|4e3. aifiets sah: a#t Mien 
errno 17 ae ia Coeal, Eiatbitoe 
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of ‘the lo of the b ee 

| MOCHA ae Natick, we now have fall partoular Lealeece celle blue 
| of the disaster ; 


dressed to E. 
b is neni is d A, a P, 
SF " We Sntee 4, HA Le cy ¢ £4 
« yee Leos Lew: A Capt: Handy’adatien is aber Siberia, 
Ln Jan. 18, 1859, and states that the Phoenix dragged. |} bf fy 
t 7.4, GG ZL tt@, fe, bi © ashore in a gale, Oct. 12, 1868, on Elbo Island, and. |} * , aclez 
| went to pieces. The crew were all saved, and re~ Slo 
Se a apt tle C4 tie Gg mained on the island until Dec. 17. subsisting on’ | , = 38 % 
/ _/ what flour and bread» they saved in damaged state, | ZA. nny $a 
|. S200 Wh She oe ¢ o| when the iee having’ just become solid enough to CELL 
| Warrant the attempt, the captain and ten men singe oF a 
¢ @d for the main land, and reached Oudskoi in’ eight |¥S ZAR ZY 
of, Che clit OK “hasye er much suffering from the cold, and some | ake = se ie 
Ay , | of them having their feet badly fro Rant, Handy | {2 te ows : CU 
Lia PP: Sage | Says : |” abt Aa 
‘On the 11th I made a ha nan easterly |’ : 4 
DF 5, OD J “Yo Mey | Storm, to the west of the Island, and came to anchor ace ae Le 
C at the usual anchorage. The wind shifting to the 
‘| West in a heavy squall, was. not oo to 5 sp 
, : ' ; a chors or slip the cables so as to clear the land; tried 
Dhen tH’? ess Y e Cletts to ride out the gale, supposing’ the ‘first of it to ne 
OL the hardest, as is usual, but in this case it prov 
a CUA. Lec CP ?AL, iY Z| not 80, for the ues it lasted the harder it blew, ad 

ey ‘jth ae 

; ‘much so that it:caused the ship to drag every pound 
Me LA. 7 4: W. of iron that could be mustered on board, and go on “|! be evear ee cl 
47 LL @ J: Co - €¢| shore, where she soon went to pieces, allowing us to sf 2. ee “ rohe 
¢ > saye, but little except our lives. We saved some.| 7 DAZ J ne | 
“8 flour and bread that came o fede a damage 7 tj, tC A REE, 
Z. Cec 7 C 
CL ECOCEL fi state, five boats, and a few small articles of clothing, : 

5 . &c.; the oil was either smere ‘on the rocks: or went 
A fog A hf A Po~g eC | adrift. ye 43 4 
JOE 40 7 ox te A es I soon 1 found that we had get to stay in thede parts | 
all winter, as we could not discover a ship anywhere, © 
‘80 we concluded to build a house to put in what little 
| We had sayed, and then to come up the Bay and see 

. Agi his ‘al if we could ate a live of it among the inhabitants, ~ 
UG the hele e 

so as to avoid scu it wae possible thing, as we 
YG LOC OU. BD. Lyf. 

had no astaiha we cjg we got the house - 

| built. and eady to | eather came on 
and held so bal th 
at all, for ice soon. be 
ourselves, with the intention o 

vj rot in the boats 
© of amg eee 

% / 4 a “La 2 
i ore . f- et jes i 
; soa. But it did not get so col oF ae: men : é: thee Gs g 
be taken down with the scurvy, au ae ,v ¢ 
ae Zo Qe fy Jean tI J go: So d that it appeared the next thing to death |” Ze eee 
ON for men clothed as we were to attempt to go any Ay 
: “| where’ to be o tocamp out nights in the open Q SLA 0h eae 
GOD ‘9 gees enn “C! air, . However, ’ ee 

we shoal © had got'to be done, as ‘ 
hould all die before eR al- 
} e had flour enough to last — 
we might able to go in the boats and 
s for meat to eat. If-alive till such 

Ate ae Lecce, 
ed I would make a aie at Kec rate. 

! ee. oe Ye Led jee Bd ook tiateg iat chan a 

‘appeared, or 

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derstood there was s ere in this quarter. My | 7 
Yi fo Y Z sist of ley: 7 7 ZG Crit a hea Sa2t 
o Yop gee ae iia SEE A Z company consisted of 11 e men myself, |< A fZ Zz A 


boatsteere gue hands. [ in days we arrived at ms a e 
. Z 4 the mout | y hp eee SF lrg ; 
Choc. ; AA 7 2| houses an ai no inhabitants. We |! ¢ 5 a eC 2 e 
ae 7 7 were then ou of br , having: ng teary and 2 2 ae y 
7 ¥ | bring on our eke Ww ile making the jo and n- 
ee By ¢ - eo Za ee tr Ze as the most of the company ‘were but just alive, and f Lt Bpe- 

nd all being more or less fr nd not able to go > 

farther, I was pleased to séé a uman being in the LE $72 eS | AGE ie 

Place. Heé was a Tongoo, ona dog » who had 
come down for fp. By his aid I have been able to 

find this place, although alone, no others being a a En 
able e with me, I have been able to have the . 

a “LL ee 

SOE LA9 COLO oe Ct 0-0 

| men br ght up by degrees and furnished with 
Pre d and cared for, as well as the place will m* ee = hao 

ow, which poorly to be sure, but it is | 
of that kind that I hope will fiers) s iy 
until we can get on board me ship. a 
some vegetables a but eal allo 
is small ian hro e winter. 
three of the will Io feet, I. expect, b 
otherwise 1am in hopes all will reeover the use of Zi oa 

I escaped the lightest of any, S04 Zz Le 

ut fingers, toes and ears, and 

i Olin 
a 1 urthermore, I have been able to 
Pe, 7 L7 AL aS ET send « femveg me tee Bee ee | ney 
and, and have some flour, bread, and clothes 
fe = ht up to heip to support us; and’ am pleased to | 
lepiti “Ly Lz £ Lh Re 5S 2S - om them oe they are all quite well, having 
Ve go ae ae of waa green or herb, that they 
ave found to be a powerful remedy for scurvy, and 
/, He he CAclsZe hig: Ad; Th 4 < that the sick men had got about well, The wee | 
ade 4 7 th police received an very kindly; he is the 
Z, - ighest government officer that resides ere, and has 
ful ie Z3. Lt Ch o cong and I trust will do all he can oO from re- | | gl 
£4 gard to the American Goyernment. ‘ 
se WH pigs Cif Ye Now, all I can say, is that I hope to live to see [@¢ #0 <~ 25; oe : 
ve ai you all, and give you fall particulars of the disaster. ; 
9 eg Yours traly, B. @ Hanpy.”? | a re fe D4 Ima ; 
= Sp, fag. fi fewer te The Phenix was insured at offices i in this city for i 7 
an amount of $12, 400. She had taken during ‘the Li Ra 
Diz Wad gue Loe Ae voyage 150 Sperm, 1250 bbls, whale oil, most of |” Liane LE, (100 aA 
whicli had been sent home, leaving only 200 bbls. | ~~) AL " 
ili, D4, [bar Ys whale on board at the time of her wreck. She was / << ¢ © cele Mac, 
| about two years out from Nantucket. 
Miche ae yy YATE DITO Oe | is Ol lier Laas ae 
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On the 12th J ry meet ice 2 | 
~ laying off Potter’s Bay and carried away ’ half of the 
fore-foot. August lst, while anchored in Shantar Bay 

hee in the fog, the ice cea down and stove in a plank on 
: CLEA LL “ the starboard bow, and pressed another plank in, by 
the one above and below it, two inches for six feet in 

length. Sw ete the timbers were stoyein. Tipped 
tee LAA AL cee rode Vd — theeein cdee dg temporary repairs by aikice ar Uf 

canvas and oat boards over it, which mostly stopped 

the leak. On the 10th August, while laying at the |, 
4atet 7 ee ee, 72 Libs Lp, 4p, head of Shantar Bay ina North Easter, the tide run- /? 

ning strong to windward, during lulls, the vessel rode 

to windward of her anchor, and when squalls struck |/ 
hea, A Ore Pog tore Ze her she would shoot ahead and pe the chain across |7_ 

the fore-foot, carrying the balance of it away. It then | 

fouled with the copper bolts which fastened the fore- Y : 
ZG the a Zz tle”. foot and the stem, and worked them loose soas to cause|7 7 

mee to leak 4000 strokes a day, which gradually in-| 

creased up to the 15th August, to 6000 strokes, and | 

eee — fearing the chain had cut through the stem into the 

ZA FEC <EET Bee, wood ends, concluded to haul her ashore and examine } 
her. Hauled on the beach in Felixstoff harbor and / 

¥ 4, ‘A Ce Ae tela sto ae found it had not cut through the stem, but the prinei- |, 

pal leak was caused by the chains fouling with the 

oe deo we and Ha oon ae they had ee a large 
ole, causing the lea e went on with the wor! 
COZ Do APE 4S C24 len Ct: and would have finished in one more tide, which we Yow Or 
should have to wait for until the next day, as the next | 
tide came in at midnight. About the time the tide | 
turned discovered the ship breaking down, and on ex- 
CS amination found that her floor timber had broken and 
plankshear also on the waist. To make a long story | 
————————= short the ship was bilged. ree 

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